Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Family Dinner

One of the things that Headless Dad and I feel very strongly about is the Family Dinner. As headless as we are we routinely sit down, as a family, for dinner, most every day of the week. As the Master Scheduler I try to have activities fall before or after this event. I try (most weeks) to plan ahead so the menu is made, the shopping is done, and I can cook/crock pot effortlessly.

I really love the conversations that we've been having lately. Headless Boy 1 is really smitten with a girl at school. He has been plotting-for weeks!- with his sister on how, what and when to talk to this girl. It is beyond cute that he has figured out the benefits of having a much older sister. Headless Girl is jumping out of her skin to go get her prom dress. We have also recently given her the go-ahead to try to find a part-time job, so the table is a buzz with where she might apply and the pros and cons of each. (I'll have to explain the job thing later...) Headless Boy 2 enjoys burping and whistling at the dinner table. We have a little work to do there. I'm a stickler for manners.

Headless Dad love to cook, and does a great job. Ladies, I RARELY have to cook on Saturday or Sunday. He even goes to the store. The weekend wonderfulness around here is often Rotisserie Chicken, filet mignon, or something equally as yummy. (HD is a meat and potatoes guy, could you tell?) I love that I don't have to think about this on weekends, it is my break!

We love (?) to joke that our biggest problem in life is figuring out what to have for dinner. No one ever knows what they want. (Unless you count a daily desire for McDonalds, which I don't.) If you have been reading here for any length of time, you know that I am trying to eat, and feed my family, MUCH healthier-cutting out high fructose corn syrup, more fruits and veggies, etc. I really need a lot of help in deciding what to make because I haven't yet found a receipe for "I don't know." (My mom used to say when when I was a kid. Mom, I'm so sorry that I didn't 'get it' then. Boy, I sure do now!) Then, since the weekdays are my days to do dinner I also have to time things according to the kids schedules- When is baseball practice over? When does HG have to leave for church/cheer/study group? Does HD have to work late? Do we have scouts this week? Do I have bible study? You get the picture...

All of this being said, I wouldn't change this time for anything. Having all 5 of us around the table is a priceless part of who we are and how we relate to one another. Yes, sometimes it's hard to make it happen, but there's nothing I'd rather do than feed my family and spend a few precious moments together before pandemonium ensues once again.


Sam said...


We need to start scheduling more family dinner times. Too often lately we've had the TV on, or we turn the TV off as a sort of punishment.

Back to the family dinners.

As you know, I do most all the cooking, most every night of the week, except for the nights I'm attending class, or the nights my youngest has dance class.

The hardest part for me, and Alice would agree, is planning dinners. I like to plan for everyone, but I'm typically met with apathy. I should just set about fixing whatever I'd like, but I guess I want to please a lot.

We end up doing a lot of stuff over and over, despite my recipe book that's bursting.

The Denver Post had an article about food sites on the Internet, and this one looked really good:

(The article up today is on turkey/ham/provolone roll-ups wrapped in bacon! YUM!)

I just need to start planning on my own, or with the girls, and go to the store and buy stuff. It's hard to plan sometimes, but we usually work it out, dawg.

Help me remember to do this. :)

Headless Mom said...

Another place to look for crock pot stuff:
Steph has some great looking recipes!

Anonymous said...

NOw that you have got me started on the Champainge dressing, mom went out and bought some, I love it !!!