Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Doesn't Everyone Blog about Feet?

Cutest Pedicure Ever:

What didn't come across very well is that the 'French' lines across the big toes are flowers with sparkely centers. Because really, who doesn't love sparkely flowers? This was done on the Thursday morning portion of the BIG WEDDING WEEKEND. Possibly my favorite part of the whole thing because really, who doesn't love sparkely flowers and a pedicure?

Taking this picture was quite the challenge, btw. The angle has to be and the lighting, too, or you end up with pastey white feet. And who wants that?

In other news, the Headless Grandparents are now reading this blog. Welcome to the craziness! And Mom, figure out how to comment because I'm sure that you'll have a few cents worth to add here and there. I already know you will, Dad, your comments are always welcome! (Maybe Sam the Butcher will have to help with this...)

Did y'all see AI last night? Really? The Noriega kid MUST GO. The worst 'Tainted Love' I've ever heard (and I looooove me some 80's music,) and the fake attitude is really old already. He won't win, just don't vote for him and put him out of his misery early. (Unlike the Sanjaya debacle last year-remember?) The other must-go is Luke. On the "Love them" side is David Cook, (great version of 'Hello', very unexpected but new and different,) David Hernandez, David Archuletta, and my personal fave-Jason Castro of the great dreads. I'll be watching tonight for these girls to do well: Amanda, Brooke, Raimele, and Syesha. The others should just go home; I'm really not impressed with them so far. (This is beginning to sound like a broken record.)

Happy Wednesday, Folks! From me and my cute toes!


Sam said...

I like Danny, but he's annoying, for sure.

I need to blog my feet sometime soon. I've got pretty good feet, you know, for being an old dude.

Good luck on getting Mom an ID. I think Dad can log in with his AOL ID.

Headlessness abounds! :)

Keetha Broyles said...

Hey - - - I can ONE UP ya - - - sometime around October of '06 I blogged, complete with pictures, the WHOLE pedicure process - - - - go check it out!!!

Welcome to our fun blogland headless grandparents. Sorry you haven't any heads.

Stephanie ODea said...

ack! they're so darn cute!

Anonymous said...

the pedicure looks great, now it is my turn !!!

Anonymous said...

so sorry to read you are STILL sick! sounds like I got out of there in the NICK of time...oye all the germs! I also can't wait to see your headless mother commenting on the blog! give her a squeeze for me and mine. (we have the wet cough from hell that makes the people at the next table cringe, so you aren't alone in your germs)