Monday, March 3, 2008

The wedding: The Overview

Well, we're alive and have survived the wedding weekend. We all had a lovely time (in general) and I wanted to give you an overview of the events so when I come back to them you"ll know what I'm talking about. There are some funny (to me?) stories, but those must come later as I am drowning in laundry and

Wed.: The Headless Grandparents came into town for the festivities; I was still sick. Cooked dinner and watched American Idol. (Boring again-Girls Beware!-You're all going to be gone if you don't step up your game!!)

Thurs: Take kids to school. HG-ma and I meet others from the wedding party at the spa. I work in HB2's K class. Take Headless Dad's shoes to be reheeled/shined. Pick up kids. HG, HG-ma, and I go to church to help set up at 4-no one else is there! We wait, do a few things, others show (late) and we finally get started with the rehearsal (late). We get to Buca di Peppo for the dinner portion on the evening and ordering turns into a BIG ORDEAL (probably because we are all hungry! And my kids have school on Friday! And it's starting to get late!) [Wait! There seems to be a pattern here...I should have noticed earlier...] Finally get the boys home and in bed about a half hour late, not too bad for the lateness of everything!

Fri.: Take kids to school. Go to Baseball Banner Guy's house to get additions made. Go to Macy's for wedding present (for HG-ma). Go get HD's shoes. Call and ask if they need help decorating for the reception, (No! the room isn't too big and I have lots of help! {foreshadowing, if you needed the hint}). Get kids at school. Feed kids. Shower kids. Dress kids. Shower and dress myself! Be ready to go to church by 4:30. Get a call that the group isn't back from decoration the reception place yet (? 4 1/2 hours later? wtf?) Tell everyone to chill for 10 or 15 min. Go to church. Realize we are only the 2nd group there. Let the boys run around the sanctuary, cause we're classy like that (well, it was our own church, after all.) Get bride and boys dressed. Start wedding. End wedding. Wait. Try to start pictures. Wait. Start pictures. End pictures. Get to reception. Find that there are no seats for my family (part of the wedding party!) Wait. Finally find 5 seats together for HGPs, HBs, and myself. Sit. Wait. Sit. Order food. Wait, wait, wait. HB2 falls asleep in my lap. We finally make a mad dash for the car at 10:20, without being served dinner, (much less see any of the cakey, garter-throwing stuff.) Feed boys Dino-nuggets for the second time today, give them some Girl Scout cookies, and throw them in bed. Fall over.

Sat.: HD stays in bed because he thinks he has strep. I take HB2 for baseball pics. Come home. I take HB1 for baseball pics. Come home. [During all of this HG is getting the house ready for her Bible study group at noon.] Take HBs and HGPs to BIL and new SIL's house for a brunch. See all remodeling. Realize there is no food of note left. Gather the troops, come home to have food. Return tux stuff. HD is still in bed but says 'Hey! Lets cook.' I go to the grocery store. We cook dinner. HG leaves for the state finals of girls' basketball. We throw the boys in bed, then collapse.

Sun.: HD finally goes to the doctor and has a RAGING case of tonsilitis. Gets drugs. Sleeps while HG-ma and I exchange the mirror (remember my bathroom remodel? Neither do I.) and get to go to DSW (oh heavenly day!!!). Go out to dinner because no one can think straight. Throw boys in bed. Fall asleep twice before I'm able to actually get to my bed.

SO! Now you know. Don't you just love family events? Thanks goodness for the HGPs or I would never have survived all of this.

Toodles-More on all of this later but just the recap is going to make my head explode!!


Sam said...

All I read was "No food, ran late, threw the boys in bed". :D

Keetha said...

I'm worn out just READING this!!! :-)

Keetha said...

Brett Favre retired today - - - how are you DEALING?!?