Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An American Idol Snoozer

Week 2 of BooMama's American Idol watch was a bust!! (Sorry Sophie, it was the show, not you!) I was initially excited for another week of the Beatles but after the first half hour I realized how wrong I was. This songbook is HARD and the kids just really didn't rise to the occasion.

I missed the first performance because I was putting kids to bed; apparently it was Amanda of the skunk-hair. I missed the last performance, Ramiele, because I fell asleep. Can you see where I'm going with this?

The ONLY performance that I thought was great was David Cook. I can't even remember what song he sang, but Headless Dad and I both said that he could put out an album of what he's done on the show so far and it would sell.

All of the other performers were just ok. Even my favorite, Jason of the Dreads, just did ok. (I still love him, but just ok last night.) The judges thought Syesha did great but-meh. Just ok.

I don't even know who should go home it was all so boring for me so I'll default to last week and say Kristy Lee.

Note to the Producers: Don't do the same songbook 2 weeks in a row. Especially one that is as difficult and defining as the Beatles. These songs are really, REALLY hard to peg, and when they don't it is hard to watch.

Ryan couldn't even wake me up. It took Homer Simpson and a case of the chicken pox to do that. That seems to be a problem.


Sam said...

Just to clarify, it was Homer that had the chicken pox, right? :)

We'll probably watch tonight, or watch some. You nailed it, though, their catalogue is defining. They're all great songs, but you've gotta do them right.

I'd like to hear Tony Bennett do some Beatles songs. Hm...Well, iTunes says that he's done at least "Something" and "The Long And Winding Road". The preview of "Something" is great. I'd love to hear him do "Yesterday".

Queen B said...

So boring.

What were they thinking with the 2 weeks in a row? Not a good idea.

Nobody thrilled me either.

Cobblestones said...

Hee hee, so, you thought the show was exciting? :)

Sam said...

Ok...we watched Tuesday night's show last night. Archuleta has a Josh Groban-like career ahead of him. Which I think he's fine with. The forgettable girl has to go. I don't know why I like Amanda, but I do. I don't know why I don't like Brooke, but I don't. (Well, it could've been that atrocious dress....) I like what David Cook does, a lot. I like Ramelie or whatever her name is, but she's a little too wide-eyed at the whole thing, I think. Chekezie's first half was great, everything after the harmonica sucked. Dude, you did that last week. The soulful thing was working. "A Day In The Life" was WAY too big of a song for Michael Johns. Sayesha was good, not great.

Am I forgetting anyone?

I pulled out my 3 Beatles CDs (Rubber Soul, Sgt. Pepper's & White album) and picked probably 5 songs that someone could've done besides some of those songs that fell flat. "When I'm Sixty-Four", "Julia", "She's Leaving Home", "O-bla di" (Could've been fun for someone), "Getting Better", even taking "I Will" and slowing it down, making it like a smoky Tony Bennett thing (can't let that go... :).

Taking on "Blackbird" (Heh...speaking of someone I forgot...Carly's version was just ok for me) and "Yesterday" and "A Day In The Life" - these are HUGE songs in the songbook of the world. Everyone knows them. If you're not gonna knock it outta the park, you better sit back down on the bench.

Headless Mom said...

Yep, it had better be a homer or you're goin' home!

However, that does not seem to apply to Kristy Lee. What's up with that?

Sam said...

Yeah, it really should've been Kristy Lee or Ramelie. They both were way off.