Saturday, March 15, 2008

Do you make money doing laundry?

The rule in our house is if you don't clean out your pockets before I do laundry, tough luck. If your note, 'blue card' from school, toy, receipt, whatever goes in and gets ruined, too bad. You should empty your pockets before your pants get to the basket.

The beauty of this rule is that sometimes I get 'paid' for doing the laundry. Your loss, my gain.

Tonight I made 30 bucks.

When was the last time you got paid $30 for doing the laundry?

I'll be going to get my nails done tomorrow, thankyouverymuch!


Queen B said...

We've got the same rule. I've got a jar in my laundry room for my collected treasure.

A manicure is the PERFECT way to spend it!!

Keetha said...

So, whose loss was your gain? Was it Headless dad, one of the kids, or a combo?

Sam said...

Well, no, I don't make money doing laundry, because, well, you see, I don't do the laundry in my house. I'm perfectly capable, but it's a chore that Alice likes to do herself.

Not to mention, we don't have any money to leave in our pockets... :)

Anonymous said...

Did you finally wash the clothes I left there ????

Headless Mom said...

Dad- Yes, I usually wash your stuff within the first day or 2 after you leave so it is out of the way. I had mounds to do after you left last time-of everyones'!!