Saturday, March 22, 2008

Nothing says Holy weekend like shopping

Headless Girl and I had an extravaganza today in preparation for her Senior prom next month. Doesn't she look lovely? I mean, even without a head she is quite beautiful. Don't you think?

(Too bad she and her friends don't drink, this would be the perfect dress to camouflauge some really hard partying.)

Happy Resurrection Day, Everyone!


Queen B said...

What a fun dress!!

Kelly said...

my how things change in 22 years! That is a SMASHING dress...scary, I just bought something similar to it for my convention (now I think I outta take it back since I don't quite do mine the same justice!)

wish I knew how to attach a pic here of us in ours 22 years ago!

Headless Mom said...

Kel-I may have to try that! those dresses were great, weren't they? What you can''t see in this pic is all of the beading in the band around the bodice-I certainly never had beading for any of my prom dresses!

Sam said...

Yes, too bad.

Maybe I could borrow it after she's done and do some good partying in it. ;)

Headless Mom said...

Well, with old-best-friend back in town you might need it! Although it might only come to your knees-How do you think it'll look as a tea length?


Sam said...

How do you think it'll look as a tea length?

With these legs? Smashing. ;)