Friday, March 28, 2008

Some unfinished business and updates

I'm certain that this post won't make it to the rolling BlogHer links but there are some things that I must revisit for all 3 of you that faithfully read here...

Sweet Keetha. You really rock, girl. For those of you that haven't checked her out yet-go now. She is the only person that tried to guess my who's who on the pic of my Headless Boys-AND she got it right on the first try. (Scroll down and you will find said picture-HB1 is in the stripped shirt, 8 years, HB2 is in blue, 6 years.) When you check out Keetha you have to find this post, for the shoes, and this post for the sunset. She has some great pictures of her recent vacation to Naples, FL, too, so make sure you drool over the warmth that is Florida during spring break. (The multiple links are the promise I'm keeping for her correct guess. Go Now! And leave a comment or 2!)


You may have noticed that there is a new link in my "Smarter Than Me" list. Directly Successful is run by my friend Kelly, who is an amazing woman, and even more amazing work-from-home mom. (Read: she is making buckets of money.) If you run your own home-based business, or want to, or just need some ideas for marketing or sales, she is the woman you need to be reading. So, head on over and check it out. You won't regret it.


And finally, Spring Break Officially Sucks. I haven't done one fun thing with the kids. But I have helped them clean out their room, and scrubbed my stove, and done ugly amounts of laundry. So it's a wash, I suppose, because the boys have watched ugly amounts of tv.

I'm so glad that school is back in on Monday!


Keetha said...

Oh wow!!!! I am feeling really SPECIAL and AFFIRMED and wow - - - I don't even know what to say!!! Thanks for the shout outs and the links. I don't know how to link in the body of my blogs, so I have never done that.

My Badgers are going down in flames to Davidson. The ONLY consolation is - - - - Davidson is a ROCKIN' Cinderella story. But I'm DYING over here. :-(

Keetha said...

Oh, BTW - - - I had LOTS of the kinds of Spring Breaks you are describing when my kids were growing up. Lots and Lots of them - - - with FOUR kids.

In fact - - - this is the FIRST time in my LIFE that we went to FL for spring break, and we only did it this time to visit Greg's family. We are just lucky that his dad lives right on the beach. :-)

Backpacking Dad said...

Four of us.

And I didn't do anything fun over Spring Break either.

I did get to go the movies by myself tonight, though. And ended up, once again, picking a movie whose major theme is a dad being separated from his family.

Headless Mom said...

Hey Backpacker-what's a movie? I've heard of them, but in my mommy's life I can't seem to recall anything but something made by Disney-Pixar...

Keetha said...

At least I do LIKE Pixar - - - -

Kelly said...

OK, here is a visual of OUR spring break....(in no particular order)

*turn off the tv, your brain is going to be mush
*go watch tv, I'm trying to get some work done here
*DO NOT get the phone, I'LL get it!
*Would SOMEONE PAAAALEASE get the (friggin)(under breath) PHONE!
*how could you be bored, it is a beautiful day go out and play
*who do you want to invite over?
*why can't anyone invite YOU to THEIR house?
*yes, we'll go to the mall
*can I just remind you that we went on our vacation 2 weeks ago while the other children were in school
* ungrateful %*#%$& (under breath of course)
*go read a book
*let's go for a walk...are you kidding me right now, you want to stay inside and watch a movie
*how about we watch a movie, it is a cold and dreary day

OMG, I am a total schizophrenic! These poor, poor neglected children who did NOTHING FUN over spring break. Wait, I don't suck that bad as a mother we did:
go to see Horton Hears a Who
go snowboarding
to the mall TWICE
to the rec center to swim
to a friend's house for a sleep over
had friends here to play (for an inordinant amount of time might I add)
AND we even sat and watched about 200 zillion hours of TV, including the Kids Choice Awards....

So be quiet, I'm a great mom when I'm not sending conflicting messages! :)

oh and thanks for the shout out...

Headless Mom said...

Kel-that could've been my ENTIRE post...well, except for the movie, the snowboarding, sleepovers...

Uh Oh. I guess I do suck!