Tuesday, March 25, 2008

American Idol-Top 10

Wow! Way better show this week, didn't you think? The only complaint I have is that there were a bunch of songs that I had never heard of. (So if I don't reference their song, there you go...) Let's get right to it...

Ramiele- Meh. Forgettable. I still don't think she's got what it takes. My gut tells me she'll go home this week.

Syesha- Judges thought she did great. I liked it but not my fave of the night.

Chekezie-I like him, liked the ballad tonight. Won't make it to the top 5, though.

Jason-of-the-Dreads- I love this kid. I think his voice has a great purity and soul to it. He needs to step it up and 'kill it' one night, but he's still solid.

Carly-Y'all know I haven't been impressed so far but 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' wowed me tonight. I really, really liked her, although I would like to see her cover the tattoo for at least one night. And that last note? Sucked. 'Nuff said.

Brooke-I liked her version of ' '. Different, but good. My mom made a comment about her that I can't get out of my head, though. She said that she is getting a little sick of the sweetness. Although I don't agree, I can see what she means and I think that it could hurt her. She must have a little bit of a sharp edge somewhere?

David Archuletta- I agreed with Simon. A Disney-park performance. It was good, and I think he'll stick around for a few more weeks, but syrupy.

Michael-'We Are The Champions' I guess the title says it all. He was back tonight, and really great. Headless Dad was skeptical at the beginning but came around by the end.

Kristy Lee Cook- This is why she got to Hollywood in the first place. 'God Bless the USA' always gives me chills, and this was no exception. Perfect song choice, great vocal, and she'll get the patriot vote. If she'd been doing this all along we wouldn't have been saying she should go.

David Cook-Are you with Headless Dad and didn't recognize 'Billie Jean'? It took me a minute, but it was THAT Michael Jackson song, (although someone else's version.) EVERY song that he does should be on an album. I'd buy it tomorrow. He ROCKS and if this keeps up he SHOULD WIN.

So, hop on over to BooMama's place and read more Idol chatter. Leave me a note here to tell me your thoughts!


Cathy said...

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Queen B said...

I agree with you. My favorites were David C & Michael.

Sam said...

Can't wait to watch!

Of course, by then, someone will have been voted off...

Julie said...

I recorded Idol to watch later & my recorder did not work! Thanks for giving me a run down on everyone. Love your site!

Linda said...

I think David C. is going to win the whole thing. People across Blogganvilla love him.

Headless Mom said...

Linda-I love the 'blogganvilla'. I've never heard it before-I may have to use it!

Sam said...

Ok...after watching, for me, Michael, Carly and David Cook are making everyone else look kinda silly.

Archie's performance wasn't that great, Ramele (or however you spell it) should be gone, Kristy Lee Cook should be gone, Sayesha is good but not great, same with Chekezie - but I could see him having a Barry White/Luther type of career.

Tamara said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've enjoyed BooMama's AI party! It's fun to read others' takes on the contestants. I'm with you...David Cook should win. He's the most relevant & professional of the bunch.

I've enjoyed your blog...will be back!