Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring, Oh Spring! Where art thou, Spring?

After my 1 1/4 hr. walk today this was the temperature when I got home:

83 degrees, people! And this was only 11:00 in the morning. I don't know what the high was, this was high enough. I think I missed spring during the great sickness of February. It is only March and it has been hitting 90 for days now.

For those of you that live where you are still digging out, wearing hats and gloves, scraping car windows in the morning, and the like, I am truly sorry. I, for one, would gladly trade places with you today. I have 2 seasons where I live. Rain and HOT.

Oh I live for those rainy days when I might don a sweater, some warm shoes. For lo those few weeks that I might feel a slight chill in the air I can dream that there is true cold in this world, somewhere, even if not here. So take your snow days, knowing that somewhere in America there is a woman in white shorts and a tank top dreaming of the drifts that surround you and wishing she were there!


Carmen said...

I'm freezing!!!!

Sam said...

It's been a pretty dry March here on the high plains, but the mountains kept getting dumped on...100 inch bases?!? :)

We're supposed to get a couple of blasts coming through in the next few days, but not much to speak of, apparently.

I'd say I wished I was there in the warmth, but...I really dont. :)

Keetha said...

Don't know what "we" have, I'm not where "we" belong. Hehehehehehehe

Sunny, pretty, and quite chilly where I am.