Friday, April 25, 2008

The State of our Adventures

Oh my interwebby friends, it has been a trying week.

I have: been at the school helping in classes 2 different days, lost 3 of 4 in bowling on Tuesday firmly securing last place for my team, had 3 of 4 baseball games, gotten my kids to bed WAY too late 2 of 4 nights so far, been to a grocery store every day because I can't seem to plan, oh, and am so far behind in laundry and house cleaning that CPS could be showing up on my doorstep any minute now, or HD could divorce me for neglect. One of the two.

And most recently a trying day (that would be today for all of you that are keeping track) that has involved breaking a couple of my fave blogs on this dinosaur of a computer and sucking STB dry with all of the questions on IM, ruining Headless Boy1's life (because, you know, making him get his cleats on for baseball practice really ruins an 8 year olds' life, right?), fighting with Headless Girl (over something really stupid-not her fault and I lost it-yes, I will be apologizing when she gets home).

Can I be done now?

I mean really, really done?

Well, I suppose you'll have to let me because I'm taking a couple of days off of the blog. And possibly reading, too. I just have to get caught up, then I promise that I'll return with a very special post. Really! It's been in the works for a few weeks now... Can any of you guess what post I might be referring to?

OH! And while I'm away, you must go read Kelly's new blog!!! If you read here regularly you'll recognize Kelly and her humor-she's a frequent commenter, one of my oldest friends, and WAY funnier than me. You only have to promise that you won't forget about me, ok? Really, don't forget me.

PS-If some of these links don't work it's because my computer is a DINOSAUR, and deserves to go to time out for all of the problems that it has caused today. Many apologies!


Keetha Broyles said...

Having raised 4 kids myself, I can RELATE to what you are saying. I used to ask myself if there was a way to RESIGN from life. Oh - - - I did not mean that in any suicidal way - - - I just thought it would be the GREATEST thing sometimes to be able to be responsibility FREE for even 24 hours.

Anonymous said...

...and we're supposed to "treasure these moments" because one day they'll fly the coop...I know, I know...I ruin my kid's life nearly every day. Is that in the job description?

Sam said...

Keetha - You know if you had that 24 hrs, you'd've spent it worrying about them and all the stuff you'd have to do when you got back. :)

Hang in there, sis. This, too, shall pass.

3 MONTHS. Let's repeat that, shall we? :)

Keetha Broyles said...

Chrissy - - - urgent. Thanks