Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Webber Week on AI

Tonight could be amazing or awful- the songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber are tough. And you kinda need to have a little bit of acting skills, too. Let's see how they do. Shall we?

Syesha- She showed tons of personality tonight. I really thought that she did great, and the judges agree.

Jason-of-the-Dreads- The verse was too low for him to sustain, but the chorus and end was good. However, Simon was right. He seemed miserable. These songs are just not right for him and it was definitely not his night. (Does anyone remember Carly doing Dolly? Me neither.)

Brooke- Oops. Words. Again. I don't think that she'll be forgiven this time. She looked really uncomfortable tonight. As much as I love her it may be her time to go...

[Word to the producers-STOP the teeny-boppers from the arm waving. It is distracting and stupid, especially during a song about dying. The blogosphere is BEGGING now!]

Archie- (I expect him to do well tonight-a little more in his element.) Why, Yes! He did do well. That being said, I still think it sounded like a Disney movie ballad. (Disney people- are you listening? He's your next star.)

Carly- Another week with sleeves- YaHoo! This is probably her best performance in recent memory. She smiles! She had fun! She is safe this week, I'm sure.

D.C.- He started out looking pretty uncomfortable but seemed to pull it out by the middle. I liked that there is another side to him but I also agree with Simon that he did well with what he was given. (Meaning that this is really not his niche- duh- but did well enough to make it through.

Best of the night- Syesha, and if I had to choose another, Carly.

At risk- Brooke and my Jason. (I know! I'm so sad, but he really did not do good tonight and since he's been in the bottom group before it might be his time.)

As much as ALW is a master, his songs are very difficult to sing. There is not much you can do to change them either, which we saw tonight. I think that this week, more than any other, I am looking forward to what you all have to say. Of the whole season, I think that this week I was the least entertained of any other week. Bummer.

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Mamacita said...

your comment about Brooke made me laugh.. "Oops. Words. Again." Too funny! I agree with you on just about everything. I hope Jason doesn't go!

Sam said...

It's really tough when it gets down to this level. We finally watched last night, and I thought everybody did really well (except Kristy Lee Brooke, our new "Why is she still here?" punching bag), even Jason.

Carly, Syesha and Archie did the best, and there's no f'ing way Carly should have been sent home. "But America voted...." blah blah blah. She should have been in the top 3 with Michael Johns and DC.