Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The David Duel

Pre-script: This has been the most fun bloggy thing that I've done. I had never posted for a carnival before and didn't know what to expect. You people WOW me! I've read some great reviews, some funny stuff, and made some pals in the process. Sophie, you rock! for having this party each week!

Now, on to the business of the night. The American Idol Finale. Are we almost done? It went really fast, don't you think?

Round 1-Loved it! (U2)
Round 2-Liked it, but hard to judge a new song
Round 3-Loved, loved it! I did like that he did a song he hadn't done before. He can rock it, baby! I thought that it had a Bon Jovi feel. Which is very good in my book.

Archie: (Did you hear Ryan call him Archie tonight? I AM TOTALLY TAKING CREDIT FOR THAT.)
Round 1-Loved it! (Don't Let the Sun... One of my favorite songs of all time. And he didn't kill it for me. That's sayin' somethin'!)
Round 2- Back too 'whatever'.
Round 3-He did well on this song before, and my guess is he's counting on the fact that it is his best song. (Didn't Randy go a little overboard? I guess we know who Randy is voting for!)

Well, what did y'all think? I agree with Simon that Archie came out to win tonight. That however does not change who I am voting for. I have strict instructions to vote for DC for Headless Dad. I truly believe that he was the most original and talented contestant, evah.

Something I must say, though, is that I'm not sure that DC wants to win. Did you see him last week on the results show? He was pointing at Archie and nodding his head like "Vote for him." It seemed to me that he realized that Archie WANTS THIS more than he does and he's willing to give it to him. DC will make great records, but IMO he will make them with or without this title and he knows it. Does anyone agree on this?

Anyway, DC should win. I'm curious how much the teeney boppers will vote, though. Will it be enough to counter us old folks?

See ya around the party!


Mrs_Scotsman said...

Last night DC seemed to concede the night before it began. A squirmed a bit because he wasn't sure what to do with it. DC will be a graceous 'loser'. Losing also give him freedoms that A will not have. A will benefit from being the Idol because he needs more grooming than DC. He has work hard on music up to this point. Next they need to focus on getting him past the "AW, Shuck" interview answers and teaching him to give a great interview. I don't think that A has answers to the questions because he has been upto this point his dad's puppet. If he lets it this could be his opportunity to become a man and stand up on his own feet.

Jen @ Daily Mish Mash said...

Thanks for letting me know about Constantine. That makes sense now.

I enjoyed your take on things. My husband also voted for DC. I thought it could go either way so I didn't vote. It will be interesting to see what each of them do with their music.

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Hope to see you there!

Steph said...

I have to agree with you one every point HM. EVERY. I really think that DA is going to win, but I would prefer to see DC win.

DC will have it better if he doesn't win...so I hope that for him. He won't be tied to the contracts of AI...and maybe Daughtry will call him and say "dude, come sing with me" :)