Thursday, May 22, 2008

What I'm thinking about today

I have so much on my mind, and the mother lode of laundry, so what am I doing? Writing!! Of course. Some bullet points for your reading pleasure:

  • Yesterday I got Headless Girl signed up for the next stage of her life. Yes, we went to register her for her first semester of classes at APU. During the opening welcome one of the speakers prayed for all of the incoming freshmen. I can't say that I didn't get teary.
  • I must find some time to get to the grocery store. We simply cannot exist on cereal any longer.
  • Tonight is the last baseball game of the season. The end of t-ball. I am thrilled, but only to have our evenings back. T-ball is the totally feel-good level of little league. I'm not looking forward to some of the ugly stuff that I'm sure will come in the future, as I have already seen in the next level up.
  • It is trash day. Why do I end up doing it so much? I have 2 perfectly healthy boys that should be doing it. Believe me, this summer they will do all of the trash.
  • Do any of you have any suggestions for graduation gifts for my daughter's friends? I will be getting a bunch of gifts this year and don't want to have to rob a bank to do it.
  • We're going out on Saturday evening with another couple! Adult conversation on the horizon! Whoo Hoo!
  • I thought that I had a new bloggy friend, she even responded to a personal email, but when I tried to follow up, she bailed. She is actually a neighbor of mine-Imagine!- someone that you read, and all of a sudden you realize that you actually live down the street from one another? The conversation in my head goes something like this: She read my blog! OMG! Can't wait to meet her! Oh, she must be busy today. I bet she doesn't check that email account very often. Oh, she read my blog and decided I was a schmuck.
    To talk myself out of this I keep reminding myself that she is having a tough time right now and I need to be patient. Hopefully it will work out at some point.
  • I can't believe our weather. 2 weeks ago- freezing, last week- record heat, now freezing and rainy.
  • Senior Ditch Day is today and HG is off to play with her friends. She deserves it.
  • I'm glad that my pal is feeling better and resting after surgery.
  • I was featured in the rolling BlogHer titles yesterday. (Look under the ads in the left sidebar- under that there is a 'More from BlogHer' section.) I think that this is the first time ever. So fun to get a whole bunch of new readers and commenters!
Well, I'm sure there is more but the laundry beckons. Peace, y'all.


amy t sharp said...

I love these type of posts- I can so realte to all of it. The trash day- is our trash day too and I just drug the recycling out- grrr. 4 year olds are strong enough for this right? xo

Sam said...

Hooray for college!

Hooray for going to the store!

Hooray for the end of baseball!

Hooray for more responsible kids!

Hooray for adult conversation!

Hooray for Sr. Ditch Day!

Hooray for more eyeballs on your blog! (Wait...that somehow didn't sound right.... :)