Monday, June 23, 2008

One Hundred Push Ups-Day 3

51 today!!!

Yes, I said fifty-one.

Yea for me!!


Sam said...

Video or it didn't happen.


Way to go, sis! I still struggled with my 10 this morning, but like I said, that's after a bunch of other excuses, er, I mean *exercises*. :D

Tracey said...


Queen B said...

That is so incredible! Yea for you!

Missy said...

Woohoo! More than halfway to 100. Great job.

Faye said...

Boy or girl version?

Soliloquy said...

Yay YOU!

I'm still thinking about taking your challenge, but you know me - I'm always thinking about YOU - so I'll let you get good and waaaay ahead of me.


Dr. Cason said...

51 wow... okay I'm going to put down the lap top and try it....I'll be right back.

Ooof! Okay I'm back.

20 is all I could get. I thought my head was going to pop off. I think I held my breath a little.

Kelly said...

crap the competitor in me thinks I might have to get in on this, but the couch potatoe in me says to sit back and watch. I'm with Sam, I want the video THEN I'll get off my ass!

you look hot btw!

Chris said...

Awesome! Awesome! You are over half way there! Keep it up!