Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm Not Superstitious or Anything

Remember several weeks back we were scheduled for a date night with some friends? And it went to hell in a handbasket?

Yea, I didn't say anything this time so I wouldn't get disappointed.

We had reservations at an 'event' type restaurant- only one seating a night, cocktails in one room, apps/champagne in another, the works. We were going to take BIL and SIL for their birthdays. Except BIL got food poisoning at a restaurant on Friday night.

So, On to Plan B!

The friends that we were supposed to go out with a few weeks ago were available and we went to a high-end steak house-cocktails, wine, good food, good friends. More wine. ;-)

So there you have it. Headless Dad and I dressed for a night out, without kids, with good friends.

Finally! Some plans that worked out.

(BTW- we are standing in front of HD's prized garden. He finally got the whole thing planted Sat. morning. With a little TLC we'll be eating fresh-from-the-garden very soon!)

(Also notice the cute shoes. I found a pair of white shoes- yea! I've been looking for, oh 3 years or so, but just in the nick of time. BlogHer is right around the corner and I'd hate to have had to cancel because of the lack of white shoes.)


amy t sharp said...

yay! yr so cute!

Jozet at Halushki said...

Nice white shoes!

Sam said...

Glad you got to go out and chill. You both deserve it. :)

Carmen said...

Good gravy, do you look thin!

Amy in Ohio said...

Cute shoes. I'm going to be way underdressed for BlogHer I fear.

Any way to dress up those Keds of mine?

Keetha said...

Ditto what Carmen said.