Thursday, July 10, 2008



Last night we went to church. Great service, great worship. God showed up in mighty ways.

We got home and the boys played with sparklers. For the first time ever. (I suck.) I wish I had pictures, but again, I suck. It was great to see their faces and watch them discovering 'shapes' and 'writing' their names. Since Thursday is trash day we decided to take all of the rolling cans out to the street. We waited for Headless Dad to move a car so we could put the cans in the street, and then I started rolling one around to the street.

I pulled the can into rolling position and promptly twisted my ankle, lost my balance, fell flat on my back in the street, narrowly missing having an entire trash can land on top of me.

They call me Grace.

I screamed and the boys came running.

HD didn't even hear me and couldn't figure out why I was laying in the street. Nice.

He did, however, take the rest of the cans out and put the boys to bed. And brought me an ice pack to the couch so I could finish my blog reading. Sweet, no?

You're totally allowed to laugh. I did. I keep picturing myself literally in the middle of the street, flat on my back, laughing through tears. It really hurt! So what did I do today? 

I took the boys bowling, of course!

And, I rolled a 192 thankyouverymuch. (Thanks to the 100 push up program!)

But boy does my ankle hurt tonight.

Headless Mom

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Keetha said...

I am very relieved to know I'm not the ONLY ONE who does this type of thing!!!!