Sunday, July 13, 2008

Last Week, Another Part

I've got to get caught up.

Ha! I'm a wife and mom, I'll never be caught up!

Anyway, after computer day we spent a couple of days finishing the cleaning and shopping. Headless Dad and my dad even got a round of golf in!

On the Fourth we had simple plans- relax, get a few more things done, and have a yummy dinner. Easy, right?

Headless Dad and my dad put up a mister set around our back patio. (Hello! Instant cooling!) Around mid-morning HD came in to have a little breakfast, poured some cereal, began to eat, and cracked his tooth.

(It has been partially cracked for a while now. He's been ignoring it because our insurance wouldn't take care of it.) There was no more ignoring it.

After several calls to insurance, dentists, and finally an emergency dentist he was able to get someone to extract the tooth- at 9:00 pm. This dentist was awesome- it was actually two of them, a husband and wife team. After all was said and done it only cost us 1 1/2 hours, and only $150 for the holiday call. (That doesn't count the cost of the proceedure. *sigh*) We also have some specialty dental needs that are not covered by insurance so we are so lucky to have found them. They will definitely be getting our business.

So that's how we spent our Fourth! Don't you wish you were with us?

Headless Mom


Amy in Ohio said...

Ouch - my sympathies to Headless Dad. Nothing worse than mouth pain.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Sam said...

"So that's how we spent our Fourth! Don't you wish you were with us?"

Frankly, yes! :)

The Andrus' said...

Wow! What a memorable holiday.. did you take pictures? ;)

Steph said...

Oh my gosh! I thought it was Headless Daughter...either way, that totally sucks that you guys had to go through that. Especially Headless Dad! And as far as $$$ goes, Holiday Emergency calls are the worst!!!! We've had our share! YUCK!

su said...

Sort of sounds like my Christmas Morning/Afternoon in the emergency with a fractured skull. Fortunately, insurance covers that.