Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Last Week, In Parts

First I wanted to thank you all so much for the wonderful birthday wishes. Turning 40 has been so much fun with all of you around me here in Blogoslovakia. 

 My parents arrived last week on Monday and Tuesday was Apple Store day. We spent way too long in there! Headless Girl had saved her graduation money for a MacBook to take to college and my parents were getting me one for my big day so we had choices to make. Then when it came time for my dad to pay his card was denied. Crazy! It ended up that it was just a security measure, but that added about 20 minutes to the visit. We decided to apply for all of the rebates there in the store which should have only taken about 5 minutes but as we were doing that it came to light that the sales guy hadn't charged us for the printer. OY! So, the first guy got another guy to help him fix it. 2nd guy was helpful but had a stutter so anything he tried to explain sounded like "th,th,thi,this iiiiiis th,th,th,the tottttttal". (I'm not making fun of this guy. He was really helpful and ended up fixing everything but it added like 30 minutes to the 'experience'.) First guy was really embarrassed and apologetic for the mistake, and finally just left us with the 2nd guy. 

And, for those of you who don't know my dad, he's not so patient anymore, especially when it comes to mistakes like this that cost us OVER 2 HOURS OF TIME. Seriously there were people who came in and out with just as much stuff as we got in about a half an hour. Dad, he was a joy that day. 

But also a gem. After we ate lunch he sat with the kids at the fountain while me, my mom, and Headless Girl went to get dresses. I'm dialed in for BlogHer!
So there you have day one of our holiday week. I have a huge favor to ask of those of you that pray...First, some friends just found out that their boy Chase (5 in a couple of weeks) has leukemia. He started treatment over the weekend. And to make matters worse his twin sister, (who has been going from family member to family member while mom and dad are at the hospital,) broke her leg yesterday while playing at a park. Please pray for this family! And, second, I am fasting and praying this week during lunch time. One of the things that I am specifically praying for is direction for this blog.  Thank you in advance for adding these to your list this week!

Headless Mom


Kendrawolf said...

Lucky! I want a MacBook Air...Henry spilled water on my laptop last night and I can't seem to revive it.

Soliloquy said...

I am SO praying for you as you seek the Lord this week.

And HOW did I miss your 40th??

I was out of the loop on vacation last week, I guess???

HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!

And I was wondering today about those push-ups. What are you up to?

Headless Mom said...

Thanks Soliloquy!

Last count was 73, but I need to do them tonight. We'll see...

Sam said...

I wonder if God chuckles a little bit when he hears the word "blog" in prayers. :D

Steph said...

Your Dad sounds just like my father in law! LOL - Could they be one in the same????

And a note for Sam if he ever comes back to look at your comments...their is a book out called "God's Blog" it's wonderful!

JEALOUSY Strikes! I too wish I had a MacBook...