Monday, July 21, 2008

Not Now

I cannot believe the amounts of laundry this family generated in one week.

Our suitcases have exploded into our front hallway and now my house smells like a campfire.

I have an ugly fog around me from not enough sleep, I have a crazy amount of things to do today. 

It's almost noon and the boys haven't had breakfast yet.

So if you're looking for my post BlogHer post (hehe), you'll just have to wait a little longer.

Headless Mom


headless girl said...

well least i did most of my laundry before i got home!!!

and i had 2 weeks to generate laundry..

i guess this comment gives away that im not doing what i should be huh..
oops..well uh..

i love you <33

Immoral Matriarch said...

I'm right there with you - my luggage and swag is all over my floor and I have no interest in sorting through any of it. :)

ShannanB said...

I got pretty lucky. My hubs and the boys cleaned the house before I got home. I actually messed it up with all my swag from BlogHer. It's everywhere.

Steph T. said...

Just throw it down my laundry shoot (like everyone else does)...I'll get it done for you and sent back right away! LOL

Kellan said...

Hey girl - I saw your comment over at Shannon's and thought I come by and say that I REALLY enjoyed meeting you at BlogHer and hanging out!! I enjoyed your company and appreciated your friendship - you ROCK! Glad you got home safely - rest up and I'll see you soon - Kellan

Natalie said...

if only throwing the laundry down the chute was all it took for it to get done!

and swag...i need to see pictures of the swag! i need me some swag!

Kendrawolf said...

I hate laundry! Glad your home safe!