Monday, September 22, 2008

Meet Our Headless Friends

I have been quite remiss in not introducing our Headless Friends, Kathy (she is a semi-frequent commenter here,), her darling husband Bill, and their cutie "little b." Headless Dad has known them for about 15 years- he and Bill used to work for the same company, then they didn't, and now they do again. They were the first of Headless Dad's friends to meet me- because they came into my work to check me out and see if I was "OK"! Kathy has been a huge support for me locally, especially since I don't have many local friends. Bill is HD's right-hand man at work. We have so much fun together...let me take you back a few months and tell you all that we have done together this summer...

You might remember back in June that we went out with some friends? That was them! In August after we came back from Hawaii I went AWOL for a few days? Kathy and I took the kids to Sea World on a Friday, then to their beach house to meet the guys for the weekend. (See above picture-taken on the beach on that weekend.) We walked and talked and ate and drank and had the most amazing view. It was such a great weekend. Peaceful, relaxing, full of fun and laughter. (The first picture above was taken of the pier near where we spent the weekend.)

Our Headless Boys are so in love with their little b. When she was about a year old I remember them coming to visit. They arrived late in the afternoon and little b was still asleep so we layed her on the floor on some blankets. Somewhere I have a picture of my boys just sitting there watching her sleep. So cute. The Friday that we were at Sea World they were the same way-holding her hand, walking slowly, being gentle. (I wrote more about little b here, last winter when I watched her one day.)

Anyway, Bill and Kathy were also some of the friends that we were on the cruise with. We had great fun, lots of laughs, and yes, a cocktail or two. We were able to sit with them at dinner and our cabins were next to one another-you'd think we were inseparable or something!

Last weekend we were supposed to have dinner with them but Kathy got sick. (Silly high school kids are supposed to keep their germs to themselves. Don't they know that yet?) (Really missed you that night Kath!) It has really been fun hanging out with them, letting our kids grow up as friends. So I guess all of this is to say thanks for the laughs and the friendship. And, of course the wine!

Headless Mom


Kathy said...

Yeah! Sweet post! We did have some great summer memories! Rockin' sunset picture. What a great weekend. So bummed we missed Saturday...and now, I am getting Bill's cold. That cruise knocked out my immune system - I am sure of it.

We'll be seeing you for dinner in renovation starts late Oct...

Best memory...Valentine's dinner at Walter's and a very loud, uncensored HD comment :)

Natalie said...

i love good friends! lately i have appreciated them more and more! sigh.

headless girl :] said...

yay!! i love them!!

does that make me big b if shes little b??

~ Straight Shooter ~ said...

Fabulous Friends.
Fabulous Families.
Fabulous Memories.

Anonymous said...

Wooo Hooo! I second Natalie's comment about how much I appreciate good friends more and more.

*clink clink*

To good friends, and good fun!


ShannanB said...

Wow. I think I know