Monday, September 29, 2008

WOMM- Indulgence

Ok, I kinda blew it. I said last week that I had something ready-I did, in my head. Now that I've sat down to write it out I have discovered that I suck.

My WOMM product this week is...well, see, that's where I screwed up. I bought these heavenly ice cream sandwiches at Trader Joe's. They are chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream and the edges are rolled in mini chocolate chips. Heavenly! So. I knew that I was going to write about them, and I knew TJ's had a website, so I was set. So I threw the box away. So, I have no further details. Well, they come in a box of 4 and sell here for $3.85 or so. I have no calorie count (do I really want to know?) See, I was hoping to link to the product on their website but no such luck. I've got nuthin' beyond-Go get yourself a treat!

And, head over to Kelly's Something Funny Happened Today...Word of Mouth Monday Carnival. Someone over there is bound to be better prepared than I am!

Headless Mom


Keetha said...

Oh dear, and we have no Trader Joe's around here, nor do I need those calories.

amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

love me some Trader Joe's

Kelly said...

sometimes what we have in our heads seems like so much more, doesn't it? As you know, we don't have Trader Joes here, but I do happen to have some ice cream sandwiches in the freezer from Target, do those count? And is 8:14am too early to go eat one?

I have about a million WOMM posts in my head and then come Sunday night at 10pm I am frantically running around (not LITERALLY, just in my head) trying to get one out!