Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wordle For You, Wordle For Me

I know that many of you have already done this, but for the 1 or 2 that haven't heard of it, may I be the first to introduce you to Wordle.

My Wordle:

This is so cool! You can enter your own words, or they will scan your blog to find the most used words. I really love mine-maybe I should print it or something!

Go make your own HERE.

And if you do, leave me a link in the comments-I love these things!

Headless Mom


Sarah said...

Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! Doing it now!!! Doing it now! LOVE IT!

Tracey said...

You've been tagged for 6 random things about yourself. Come by my blog to see...have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this! Great time waster :)

I'll have to do one later tonight for my girls to see.

Patricia said...

My Wordle was a bit wrong, seemed to get only the most recent posts.