Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween~Headless Style

The loot.

Looks like M&M's were the candy of choice this year. We walked farther this year than we ever have and the boys really made out-most of the houses that we went to don't get many trick-or-treaters so they got handfulls at most of the houses, or full size candy bars, and even money! One guy said that they didn't have any candy because they were leaving but didn't want the boys to leave empty handed-and handed them 3 bucks each!

HB2, Me, and HB1. (Yes, I dressed up this year. Almost unheard of around these parts. My old stand-by:flannel pj's, hair in pigtails, and an old pacifier. HB2 said "I'll be a laughing stock." Thanks for the vote of confidence, kid. At least now I know how to embarrass him as he gets older. Heh.)

HB2 and his pumpkin. The traditionalist.

HB1 and his pumpkin. The creative one.

Headless boys and their best friend at school before the big parade. The school has a parade of all the kids in their costumes at the beginning of the school day school on Halloween. It is a really fun tradition that the kids look forward to each year.



Headless Mom


Keetha said...

HB1 and 2 - - - you are BOTH scaring me.

I LOVE the flannel jammies - - - look like they'd do the trick right here in COLD Indiana.

Well, not that its cold right now - - - we just warmed back up into the 60's just in time for Halloween.

Steph said...

Darling pictures! The creepy faces are sooo great! As you know I love creepy/scary!

And I wish I had some flannel jammies!!!

Great pics!

Anonymous said...

Those Ghosts look yummy and very cute! My kids always tease me that my true identity shows every year when I dress up for Halloween in my annual witches costume ;)

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Those ghosts are awesome! And your kids are scary with their heads on! Ack!