Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just Curious- Favorite Dinner

Sounds like we all hate Homework Time. Well, except for maybe Keetha, who is done-no more kids of her own to hound about homework, and Sarah- she home schools, so ALL of their work is homework. I think you'd have to put me in a rubber room! The worst part for me is the dilly-dallying. Truly. Every day the boys come home and it's all I can do to get them to do one whole worksheet, top to bottom, without telling, threatening, reminding, GAH, Just get it done! It doesn't even matter what subject it is, if it's easy or not, fun or not, the order of business is screw around, whine, delay. If you have any tips, be sure to let me know-this is killing me.

Now, on to the question for this week. I want to know what your VERY favorite meal was as a kid. It can be something a parent or grandparent cooked for you, or a special meal at a restaurant. Comfort food or fancy food. Come on, make my mouth water! (Or just make me want to cook again....)

Headless Mom


Sarah said...

My mother always used to make Chicken and Dumplings when I was a kid (cheap and fairly quick). It had carrots and onions (the onions I studiously avoided) and these fat, tasty dumplings in chicken broth/gravy. Yum, poor-folk cooking at its finest!

Steph said...

Ditto on the Chicken and dumplings, yummmm...I still can't make them like mom can.

Grandma's mashed potatoes and homemade gravy....oh, I wish she was still around... :(

I tried to make gravy once. Anyone ever eaten wallpaper paste?

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Mine was macaroni and cheese from a box with a side of Kool-Aid. Hm, not exactly designed to make your mouth water as much as an adult, but it really was my favorite as a kid.

Kathy said...

I know this sounds wierd but my mom would make "Spinach Yum Yum - sauteed onions, spinach and scrambled egg." We just loved it.

My favorite dessert that she makes is "Mandarin's Miracle": Orange Jello, Whipped cream, mandarin oranges all whipped together and jelled. YUM!

Anonymous said...

Mom would make Chicken fried steak with gravy and mashed potatoes. Granny would make me Chicken and dumplins, the best

Sam said...

Favorite grandparent food: Granny - Duh. Chicken & dumplings. Maw Maw - Probably her spaghetti. It's one of the only things I can remember her cooking (feel free to jog my memory), and there was something comforting in the greasy goodness. :)

Favorite parent food: Mom - Again, probably her spaghetti. Or red beans & rice. The meat loaf was pretty good, too. The brussels sprouts were FUCKING AWFUL! ;)

I don't recall Dad cooking much. Sure, ribs or steak here and there.

Absolute favorite? Hm. I don't know. But I sure could go for a cold meatloaf sandwich on white bread with mayo & ketchup and a few drops of tabasco. :)

gwendomama said...

i know this sounds really spoiled, but for an east coaster, it's just NORMAL: My favorite food from childhood is a Maine lobster roll. Giant chunks of lobster claw and tail, mixed with a light mayo and served on a buttered, split hot dog style roll.
We went there every summer and I could eat lobster rolls every day for lunch and dinner.

Kathy said...

OMG - Lobster roll? I would love that!

Love that STB loves meatloaf sandwich - esp w/ hot sauce! My dad and I were just talking about that last night. There was a pecking order of hot sauce in our house depending on what was served: Meatloaf is La Victoria Green taco sauce and chicken is either Pico Pica hot sauce or tabasco.

Can you tell I am BORED at school today? :)

The Andrus' said...

Oh, definitely Homemade Macaroni and Cheese by my great grandmother and grandmother. I also loved their Chicken N' Dumplin's, which was always best the next day. Then again, mom's Corn Chowder was pretty good too! Hmmm, I love the fact winter is on it's way so we'll be eating more of these soon!

Oh, and had to laugh at Sam's comment about brussel sprouts! I 2nd him.. they're completely NASTY!

Rebekah @Mundane Musings said...

Probably anything my Italian grandmother made. Oh the flavors she could make with just a simple marinara sauce. I think stromboli was probably my favorite. Or maybe eggplant parmesan.

Or my other Gram's fried chicken. She's from Mississippi and knows how to do it right!

Anonymous said...

Sam, you probably remember Maw Maw's Lasagna with American cheese.
the reason for the Brussel Sprouts is I like them !!!

saucymomma said...

I found you via Carmen at Mom to the Screaming Masses. I can't wait to enjoy your blog! About the homework, I'm with you! It can be horrific. On days that I have a sitter for my little ones, I stay at the school library with my older kiddos until all their homework is done. It works great.

As for inspiration for meals...check out where I write about life around our table and my cooking trials and errors.

Ruthy said...

My grandma used to make me pork chops with applesauce, white rice and sliced tomatoes on the side. It even looked pretty!