Wednesday, October 1, 2008

30 Days of Less- A Lesson

This morning I had a dentist appointment, and since Boy2 has a birthday party to go to this afternoon, I decided to go to Target to get the present, since there was a Target right next door. (This satisfies one of my 'new' rules-driving less and running errands together.)

Oh the joy of Target shopping with no children! It is not often that I get to go there without the constant background noise of "Can we go look at the toys?" "How much allowance do you owe us?" "Come on, Mom! I just want to look!" I grabbed a cart (mistake #1) and started to browse. I wandered through the Dollar Spot to see if there was something that I couldn't live without. I found the cutest fall cloth napkins, (One of Mary's tips, actually. Cloth napkins are much more economical in the long run.) some with pumpkins, others with leaves or acorns. They were packaged in twos, and were $2.50. You think I'm going to say that I bought them, don't you? HA! I resisted, and went on, even when the napkins were screaming after me.

So, off to the sporting department I went. For the party, for twins, I might add, I grabbed a soccer ball and a football. Most boys I know go through those things like hotcakes so sports balls are a frequent gift around here. They are also economical! I had picked up the football that was on special for $9.99, and the soccer ball was $8.99, so 2 gifts for less than twenty dollars sounded about right.

Moving right along. Since I had time I was wandering the outside aisle-you know the one-it has all of the discounted and clearance merchandise conveniently located on each endcap? Again, I amazed myself by not picking up one thing. I finally had gotten all the way around the store to the health/beauty section where I did need to pick up a few things. I ran out of my face cream yesterday morning, so I grabbed that. Deodorant? Check. Toothpaste? Check. Mmmm? Oh! We're almost out of shampoo and conditioner-Check, Check. Ok! Off to the check out lanes!

(Ooooh-handbags! Let me look! Oh. Eew. Who thinks any of this seasons handbags are cute? Even on clearance they suck. But I digress...)

I put all of my purchases on the belt and then it hit me. I left my wallet in my bible study bag last night.

I frantically dug through my purse to find anything that would amount to money to Target. Nada. Well, except for my checkbook. But no ID.

I told the checker what had happened, and she said that we should try it because sometimes the register doesn't ask for ID. Ok.

Items scanned, total $100.26, check written, ID required. Dang.

Hour wasted, but not all was lost!

Remember all of that 'stuff' that had made it to my basket? Well, I went back to the Target a little closer to my home and realized that there was a bunch of stuff that I really didn't need the first time around. So with wallet in hand I got what I REALLY needed (presents, face cream, qtips and deodorant,) for a total of $37.74. More than $60 savings! It really pays to think about your purchases. Yes, eventually I will have to get some of the other things but I'm not OUT of those things AND I can probably dig around and find suitable substitutes right here in the house, at least for the time being.

Lesson learned.

Headless Mom


Sarah said...

Good Job!

Sometimes the most irritating of moments can turn out to be a great one in the end.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Oh my god - I've done that before! But I guess it all worked out in the end... And I rarely bring my kids to Target!

Anonymous said...

You are hot to trot! That's what my Grandma always says! I am becoming a master at buying only the necessities. I still make too many extra driving trips though. I'll let you be my inspiration for greater gas savings!

By the way, I posted my meme....check it out

Look at me go now! :)

Tracey said...

I am known for shopping with a full cart and by the time I get to check out 85 % has some out...Great way to save!!

Beachy Mimi said...

Great way to save. And yes, the purses are bad.

Sam said...

I love lessons!

My lesson today was: Slow down. I got out of the house a bit earlier than I usually do, was cruising in to work...and then hit traffic right where C470 merges onto I-70. Then got behind some slowpokes on Wadsworth. Then had to rush in and use the bathroom right when I got to work. End result: Walked in the door about the same time I always do.


Slow down... :)

Owlhaven said...

Sounds like you did great!