Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Answers You Seek

The next two questions go together quite well:

Kathy said... Before anyone takes mine...

Define and describe in detail your perfect day from sun up to sun down, from food to activities.


meandmom said...

What is your favorite way to end the day?

I have hesitated to answer these questions. Mostly because I think that I'll sound selfish if I answer honestly. Mom's sometimes get in trouble for wanting things for themselves, even though it can be the best thing for their family in the long run. A whole day to myself? Now that would be a gift.

Anyway, as for Kathy's question...

My perfect day would begin with sleeping in-no waking up to screaming children. Although come to think of it I wouldn't sleep too long lest I get too lazy and groggy. My darling husband would have already made the coffee-just like every day. (He's a gem, that one.) I would go for a long walk-about 5 miles.

I would then have something yummy for breakfast-eggs benedict sounds good since I just burned those calories! And maybe a mimosa, just because.

For activities it would depend on a few things-who was around to do something with! I love spending the day playing with the kids at the beach. Ooh-I know! Reading a great book on the beach with a pool boy to bring me fruity drinks! That would be a great day. If my mom, aunt, and Alice were around I would love to pick through a large craft show or a really good antique shop finding perfect *stuff*. If Headless Girl was around, and there were no limits on the budget, I would love to take her shopping. Well, that is if she was actually in the mood to buy something.

Probably the greatest day, though, would be to spend it with Headless Dad. We get very few days together that don't involve some sort of housework, yard work, kid work, etc. that it would be a real treat. Wine tasting, maybe? He's not so much for the shopping so I don't really know what we would do but it would be great to just be able to BE, together.

As for dinner I would probably want to just eat in. HD makes a mean filet and then if we weren't out I could drink lots of some red wine. Yum. Although, I do love to go to this place in the OC. For those of you that are in the area it is worth every penny and you will never forget the experience.

My favorite way to end the day? Well, when HD is working I love to read in bed, watching the news, maybe with a small, yummy treat. Blogging is a viable alternative in that scenario. Alas, that happens all of about 3 times a year.

The absolute best way to end the day? To crawl in bed, next to the love of my life, snuggle in, and know that I am the luckiest woman in the world to be blessed with amazing kids, and a husband who loves me beyond my wildest dreams.

Headless Mom


Dana said...

Yay! You're still hangin' in there! Woot!

Okay, I'm really not this excited. I think NaBlo is making me crazy. ;)

The Glamorous Life said...

Yes! Mimosa lovers unite!

Kathy said...

So who knew the boys would have Tuesday off! Hope you all have something fun planned!

We owe ourselves dinner at the Hobbit. Bill's birthday is coming up (1/4/09)...?? A post holiday evening out perhaps?

Steph said...

I absolutely love your idea of a perfect day!


If I was there I'd go shopping with you, craft shows...antique shops - blast! (Well as long as we wouldn't have to hurry home!)

Anonymous said...

The next time I'm in the OC we are SO spending the day together! Then you can cuddle up next to HD for the night!

I hope that you are loving you NaBlo experience!