Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Big Girls Have a Slumber Party!

So yesterday Kelly came to visit. (I'm purposely not reading her post from today so that I can just say what I want. I guess bloggers hanging out can be weird when it comes to posting. Wonder what she said...We were sitting here with football on, laptops on, chatting, laughing. Blogger heaven, I say.) (She's on the right above.)

Anyway, she came to town to have a couple of parties (one in another city) and got to hang out here for a little while. She came in around 2pm, we talked and laughed with everyone here (my parents are in town, too.) Last week when we were cleaning out the garage I found a bunch of letters from her from Junior High School. I saved them for her to read-so hilarious! We had dinner-homemade burgers-Yum! HD is quite the trooper-he made my friend dinner, feeling crappy, on our anniversary, and let me go to a girl's night out party. (I keep telling you that he's a gem-I'm not kidding!) We left at about 6pm to go to the party at one of my friends house down the street, and the 3 of us (Kelly, Mom and I,) didn't get home until almost midnight.

[BTW-if you need a fun girl's night go to Kelly's site and email her. She'll hook you up. There will be laughing. Guaranteed.]

Anyway, she got to come to church with us this morning. Now that was cool. Our worship team even played one of her favorite songs. She also got to meet Dana and Carrie-Talk about all of my worlds colliding! We ate again-breakfast. Kelly napped; I tried to clear my reader. Then it was time to cook and eat again. Really! We're big on food around here, could you tell?

HD cooked again. Prime rib. (See what you get when you come to visit me?) It was really awesome-and better when you know it was his first attempt. Should have gotten a picture of that too. Oh well! My contribution was potatoes and green beans.

She had to leave too soon. Isn't that always how it is?

Thanks for coming, Kel. I had a great time, and as usual, it wasn't long enough. See you next summer!

Headless Mom


Anonymous said...

There is never enough time when dear friends are visiting. I'm glad the two of you have fun and HD definitely is a trooper!

Are you going to humor us with a list of the goodies you walked out of the party with? ;)

The Glamorous Life said...

Having spent a similar weekend with great blogging friends....I know what you mean; it feels like all I did was EAT and LAUGH. So basically it was perfect.

Happy you had this time.

Steph said...

I'm soooo excited for you both! Jealous, but excited!

And may I just give total props to Headless Dad...he's the bomb. I love that you have such an awesome Hubby like mine, they are so few and far between anymore! Virtual Hug for him from me!

Annual thing? Wanna spit the difference and come here????

william said...
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Kelly said...

So, I wish I had skipped the nap and cleaned out MY reader! I'm at over 700 right now!

It was indeed too short a visit. Getting to see your parents and having you and your mom at a show was priceless! Did Headless Captain get the pics and the mac figured out?

You hubby is indeed a keeper, the prime rib still makes me drool just thinking about it. The potatoes and the beans were delicious too.

Let meandmom know that all orders are confidential ;)

I need to dig out those jr high pics, I have some doosies, but not sure how to make you headless.

Steph, you are definitely on my list of bloggy friends to come do a party for!