Friday, November 21, 2008

Just Curious-TV

I thought I would bring back Just Curious for the holidays. Or, well, at least this week. Hey, it's my blog-I make the rules here.

If you're new around these parts, the Just Curious series is where I ask a question. Usually it is a short answer question, sometimes even one word. Audience participation, people. I ask this week, you answer, and I chime in next week. You in?

OK. So our question this week is about you favorite TV shows. What was your favorite show as a kid? As a teen? As a college student? Now? What about your all-time favorite show-the one that you'll watch on TNT, USA or Nick At Night whenever you happen upon it? Answer all or just one. I'm Just Curious!

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Headless Mom


Anonymous said...

The only show I sometimes watch is Lost, so I guess that would be my current favorite. We don't really watch TV anymore

Sam said...

Great question! I remember liking the Far Out Space Nuts on Saturday mornings, and the goodies like Sigmund and the Sea Monster, Lidsville, H. R. Puffnstuff. Electric Company was great. I loved the theme to Villa Allegre. :)

For nighttime tv, I remember liking Happy Days until it started to suck. I liked "It's Your Move" with Jason Bateman, Silver Spoons, Facts of Life...Diffrent Strokes...Love Boat...Square Pegs...I can't remember many shows I watched in High School. Cheers, I guess. During college I liked L.A. Law. E.R. was one I watched for a long time. I watched a lot of the Real World, again, up until it became "let's get drunk and hook up" World.

Now? I watch so incredibly little TV. I liked Chuck, but I don't have the time to watch. I skim through the Daily Show. The ONE show I make time to watch is How I Met Your Mother. I call it the best written and acted show on TV, it makes me laugh out loud, and that's good. That's my favorite show now.

Mom2Schnauzers said...

Okay, so I'm showing my age here but I loved The Banana Splits on Saturday mornings...and I remember Laugh-In (w/Flip Wilson as Geraldine..."The Devil Made Me Do It!") and Carol Burnett was the best!

Domestic Extraordinaire said...

I love the Cosby show. I also love Fraggle Rock.

Currently we watch 24 (starting on Sunday!) and we just started watching LOST.

The Andrus' said...

As a kid: H.R. Puff 'n'Stuff

As a teen: Love Boat and Fantasy Island, SSL

As a college student: Days of Our Lives

Last Year: Dead Like Me

This Year: ...I don't have time :(

Anonymous said...

As a Little Kid: Electric Company and Bozo the Clown

As a Big Kid: Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley and Eight is Enough

High School: Were Charlie's Angels on then?

College: Arsenio Hall, yea...I'll admit it

As a young mom: Rosie and Oprah kept me sane while I was nursing babies.

Now: Wouldn't miss Brothers and Sisters or Grey's Anatomy