Friday, November 28, 2008


HB1 is nine today. What more does a nine year old want than a BB gun? He has been obsessed lately with all things 'gun' but I don't think he even had entertained the possibility of actually getting one this soon. (Maybe it was really Dad that wanted it?) Anyway, since I'm not a gun girl the biggest rule is that he can only use it when HD is with him. He also got a chess set, 2 t-shirts, a new, fancy bible, and many Target gift cards. Those things are gold in this house, I tell ya.

Happy Birthday, my oldest son. You are, I think, the most kind and tender hearted person I've ever met. Enjoy the ride of nine!

After HB1 opened the Nerf machine gun (compliments of BIL) and 2 name-brand shirts, HB2 said "He's gonna kill me AND, he out-cooled me!"

HB2: "I'm always gonna be uglier than you."
HB1: "Yes, you are!"

Headless Mom


headless girl :] said...

i wish we put cameras all over the house to pick up on these things..

they could have their own tv show

Natalie said...

a bb gun. what a great idea. i wonder if my almost 11 year old would like that. of course there are so many things here in the states that we can get them that shopping for presents will be a walk in the park this year!

Tracey said...

I'm expecting to see many posts in the future about the BB gun. Play Safe. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Soliloquy said...

I have a nine year old son.

Who does not own a BB gun.

I'm trying to decide if that makes me a better or worse mother than you.

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Happy birthday to HB1!

Kelly said...

Funny- we are hosting the gun safety class at our house this Thursday and I bought a Red Rider BB Gun on Black Friday. I am praying to God that I don't live to regret that purchase.

My 9 year old won't believe his eyes when he sees that on Christmas morning. The list of rules just got that much longer!