Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Hi blogger's block. Familiar friend lately.

Help me peeps.

Kathy gave me a couple of ideas in the comments of the last post.

Kelly gave me a shudder.

What about you? Gimmie a word. Anything.

Would it help if you thought I was on my knees begging?

Oh, and the time to blog as well as clean my house and cook for my family would help, too. Can you help out with that also?

'Preciate it. Thanks!

Headless Mom


Backpacking Dad said...

Write a post about the last/most memorable time you met a soldier at an airport (or other transit station) to welcome them home. Where had they been? Why did they enlist?

headless girl :] said...

write about your favorite daughter

if you didnt remember..
its me :]

Keetha said...

And I can give you the gift of lots of time. Are you ready??? Here it is: stop cleaning house.


Kelly said...

Hey, guess what? after I posted the shudder thought I took a few more gulps of wine and did a post with a buzz...try that on for size...two glasses of wine (I'm a cheap drunk) and let the fingers roll. I'm with Keetha too, stop all the damn cleaning, you make me look bad.

Now I am not advocating drinking in order to get blog ideas...but you have to admit it is an idea you like!

Kelly said...

Hey wait, I had another thought. How about you take a day off....from everything. Don't clean, don't blog, go out and do something FUN for YOU. Like find a friend and go to the mall, take a walk on the wild side and have a glass of wine (here I go again) with lunch. Turn on the music full blast and dance.around.the.house. If you MUST clean I will allow you to dance with a duster, but only until the song is over.

Anonymous said...

I want to hear about an endeavor for the coming year...something that is all about you and celebrating your fabulosity. I have total blockage also.....I just can't find it in me right now...but I'll keep stopping by until I'm motivated to say something of my own.

Sam said...

Ok, here's a couple of things - LiveJournal has a "Writer's Block" section that you could steal from:


I also googled "things to write about" and this site with 100 things to write about came up first:


A lot of them seem really Internet-y and business-y, but they might spark an idea. Or you can JFGI yourself and see what you come up with.

Or - and here's an idea - you can write about why you have a blog in the first place. Do you intend to accomplish anything with it? Did it start as just a place to vent? To brag on your family? Is there anything stopping you from making it what you had originally intended? Or has that changed, and you have different ideas for it now?

I mean, if you're having a hard time finding stuff to write about, then it's just like some school assignment you don't want to do, that you're feeling *obligated* to do, and that sucks, and you won't want to do it.

I wasn't feeling in a very writerly mood over break, but the past couple of days, stuff has just been falling out of my head. Some inspired by others, some, just my crazy head doing what it does. :)

So...there. You've got stuff to write about, or at least look through to see what might work for you. If you can't find anything, well, then shut the blog down and just read and comment. :)

The Andrus' said...

How about... "Do you remember when..."