Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Home Run

I have hit a home run on dinners this week-and completely by accident!

Monday I was trying to decide what to have and remembered that I had bought a head of lettuce that I hadn't used yet. Then I remembered that I had a bunch of frozen ground turkey. The search for lettuce wraps was on!

I settled on this recipe after reading the comments and all of the variations that were suggested. It was really quick and easy-assuming you have all of the ingredients on hand-30 minutes tops!

A couple of changes that I made:

  • Ground turkey
  • No ginger (blech!)
  • Thai sweet chili sauce instead of hot sauce
  • Doubled the sauce. Ground Turkey can be dry when cooked.
  • But don't make extra sauce. It's really not needed.
  • I also grated some carrots to add for the extra crunch and vitamins.
Seriously? My entire family LOVED these-kids AND Headless Dad. (If you are watching the sodium keep an eye on the sauces-the sodium level can get out of hand so you might want to watch for low sodium versions.) I also made egg drop soup as a little extra and it was also a hit. (That was from a dry mix packet that I found while gathering the sauces at the store. Easy! And only 30 calories-really!- per serving. Cha-ching!)

Tuesday I made a corned beef roast that I had picked up at Costco, with potatoes and cabbage. Headless Dad loves this and, surprisingly, over the years I have come to enjoy it, also. HG, not so much, but she did eat it, and so did the boys. It is also easy: boil for an hour per pound, add the veggies an hour before serving. Voila!

Tonight I pulled out one of my old, easy standards. I usually have some kind of fixin's for salad around, and I've been craving Mexican lately, so...TACO SALAD! Seasoned ground beef, lots of mixed greens, tomatoes, red onion, radishes, celery. The best part is the dressing: Lite Sour cream mixed with your favorite salsa, roughly half and half. Most of us like to crumble tortilla chips on top as well. Again, easy and yummy.

The best part of Monday and Wednesday's meals is that they are super low calorie and low fat!

And Shannan? You could do each one of these-easy!!! I promise!

(P.S. Thanks to those of you that left suggestions for me on the last post. I can't wait to get started now!)

Headless Mom


Shannanb aka Mommy Bits said...

These sound so good. I would have never thought of the lettuce wraps! I like what you made on Tuesday too. I think it would BLOW my husband's mind if I made that. He'd never see it coming.

Natalie said...

lettuce wraps...that sounds great! i should look into that!

Anonymous said...

Yummm! I was stuck for a dinner idea just solved it for are such a great friend ;)

Auds at Barking Mad said...

Corned beef and cabbage with all the veggies is a wonderful thing. And the house always smells so wonderful.

Around here they just call it a boiled dinner. And once the Imp has stopped with the vomit volcano, I'm going to make it again! Right now I'm trying to avoid the spew so that means everyone fends for themselves!

Lettuce wraps sound great as well! Yum!