Sunday, January 11, 2009

Football! (Like we haven't had enough of it this season.)

I was hoping to have photographic evidence to share, but maybe next week.

I am now officially a football mom.

HB2 started practice in a flag football league last Saturday, had practice on Thursday, and today was to be their first game. Well, no game today because of the tremendous winds that we've been having, but the kids had practice anyway.

He is so excited about all of it. He loves the jersey and the mouthpiece. He loves his new cleats. He actually wants to practice-even at home. (I see afternoons of being chased in the yard in my future!) He really loves it!

(Well, maybe not everything. After the first practice his legs were sore for about 3 days. The whining, OH MY LORD the whining!)

I'm feeling melancholy about this. On the one hand-YaHoo! I now have my very own football player. I can look forward to many a Saturday afternoon hollering for someone to "HIT HIM!" (This already describes my Sundays during NFL season, Saturdays during NCAA season, the 2 weeks after Christmas.....) Although this also means 2 weeks of 2-a-days in August, and practices 5 days a week throughout the season. *sigh* I guess there is always a downside?

The other reason that I'm a little melancholy about it is that OH MY GOSH I HAVE A KID OLD ENOUGH TO PLAY TACKLE FOOTBALL. And, since he is the youngest of the three, I really have to put the illusion away that I have young children. They (the younger 2 anyway) are just boys now.

Mostly though, I am really glad that HB2 has decided on football. Yes, partly because it is my favorite sport; I won't lie. But it is the one thing that he has chosen without following his older brother-his first assertion of independence, if you will. Although he has loved baseball, and probably still will, he is really looking forward to the physicality of football. (And for those of you that know him this is amazing-he is my couch potato kid!)


On that note, I must will announce that I won the final week of the Blogger's Football League! The competition was stiff-it came down to the tiebreaker points between 3 of us. I really had fun this year and look forward to stomping the competition next season! Thanks to Amy in Ohio and Instamom for making it happen each week with Mr. Linky and a rockin' spreadsheet. (I guess I'll let it slide that I didn't get a winner's badge for the final week.) Want to join us? We'll announce the beginning of the season a week or 2 before we begin. See you in August!


(Acutally, BFL will be back in August. I'll hopefully be back with another titillating post tomorrow. Aren't you excited?)

Headless Mom

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