Friday, January 16, 2009

Holla friends! A few quick notes on this Where-is-Winter-Friday: (Because, OH, how I love the list!)

  • As a warning, due to craptastic service from our cable/phone/internet provider and the angry seeping out of Headless Dad's pores there may be a sudden black hole here. That's right, HD is threatening them with cancellation unless they fix something. Believe me, if it happens I'll be all over the internet (from Starbucks, of course,) letting them have it, but in the meantime say a little prayer that they make it right so I don't have to go through withdrawl. Or, you know, have to actually get dressed to use the internet.
  • KELLY'S BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW! Go forth and leave her some comments-flood her inbox-show her some 40TH BIRTHDAY LOVE!
  • Thanks to all of you who came out of your internet closet to say Hi on Delurker Day. However, I know that there are more of you, so how about today?
  • As many of you know, I'm now on Facebook. Since I don't use our names here, (it would defeat the purpose of the 'headless', you know), if you're interested in 'friending' me there, and I can trust you with our anonynimity, just shoot me an email with your full name and we'll get right on that. Well, if I can stop playing Pathwords long enough to check email. I have found, or been found by so many old friends, classmates, sorority sisters, family, and old co-workers that my mind is truly boggled, I tell you. All of the worlds are colliding, my friend. (*waves to all my old/new peeps*)
  • I get a big FAIL this week for not participating in Anne Glamour's Flashback Friday, but you can still reap the benefits. Go, read, and follow the links to the others that didn't fail. The theme this week is Red, White, and Blue. Other themes can be found here. Participate! I'll be over to check them out later. It is a great way to find topics for those of us that have the dreaded Blogger's Block. Oh, wait, I can participate with an old post you can find here. Kind of a lame attempt, but I'll do better next week. That is if I still have internet.
See ya, Chickas!

Headless Mom


Sam said...

I'm flattered you called me Chicka. :)

What's going on with your Internet? Is it the whole system? You were asking about slow Internet last night, and I was wondering if you could elaborate. Send me an e-mail if you care to....

Anonymous said...

Have a beautiful weekend! I'll send you my email so we can be FB friends! Isn't it fun?

Soliloquy said...

I would be your friend on Facebook as long as you don't link to your blog from there.

I'm cautious. But I do want to be your friend!