Saturday, January 17, 2009

Click for Clutter-1

If you haven't heard of Darryle's new blog yet you should hop ye right on over. (Well, after reading me, of course!) She is the author of the blog i never signed up for this, and her newest, Click for Clutter. The premise is that as she is cleaning out her clutter, she finds an interesting stash of items, tells their story, and you get to vote on whether they stay or go, to charity or to you! A couple of weeks ago she had this darling set of elephant linens-I said they should come to live here at the Headless household...and apparently she agreed!

They arrived today and I love them. The green is beautiful-it is just the shade that I have all over my house. Crazy, huh?

I really love the idea of giving my good used stuff to someone out there who can really use and/or appreciate it. So, from time to time I will be offering things here to you, my bloggy peeps. I promise that they are offered in good faith, and I won't offer anything that I really think is trash. K? (I asked Darryle for permission to use this idea here.)

For my inaugural click for clutter post I am just telling you what I've done. Cheating? Maybe, but I couldn't resist passing this along to my pal Amy at doubleh-vay for her darling boys, Finnean and Blaise. My boys hardly used it-ever!- and since they can be pricey I'd rather pass them along to them than donate them, or collect $2.50 for them in a garage sale sometime in 2011 after collecting dust in my garage for the next two years. So, here you go, Amy! Love you to bunches-I hope your little men love it.

Next time you'll get to comment on the item/items, I'll pick a winner (method to be determined depending on the number of commenters), and I'll send the stuff to your house!

Headless Mom


Scribbit said...

Love those elephants!

The Glamorous Life (clutter division) said...

Totally awesome idea. But the cost of shipping my 'junk' to folks could keep me from doing the same I think. But a fun thing to do. I am gonna go check out her site as well....

Darryle said...

Well obviously my elephants are already at home in YOUR home---I'm thrilled to see them so happy there--and glad you like them. I'm also thrilled to see you're following up on my clutter idea. Thanks!

Rev. Hermitica said...

Hi! Found your blog linked at clickforclutter.

I love this idea, but have been trying to keep it local for my own de-cluttering efforts. Mostly because I am too broke for postage, but I try to justify it with the "green logic" that pawning my stuff off on people who's homes I'd be visiting anyway keeps my carbon footprint low. :)