Monday, January 5, 2009

How Hard Do I Have To Try?

(I actually know the answer. Indulge me, won't you?)

How hard do I have to try to help you two get your homework done?

How many tears will you shed until you get that it just has to get done?

How many breaks do you need?

How many times will you get distracted? (Like that's even a valid excuse...)

How many snacks will satisfy you? Drinks of water?

How many times will I have to walk away to gather my thoughts?

How many times do I have to bite my tongue to stop myself from saying what I really want to, but know will only make things worse?

How many weeks, (months, or years) will it take before you can do it without me sitting with you? Nagging?

And then, how long will it take for me to forget these things and long for these days? Long for you wanting me near? Wishing you wanted my help and advice?

How long?

Headless Mom


shannanb aka Mommy Bits said...

I know how you feel. Last year doing homework was such a struggle with Sean. Every night he would stall and cry. It was so hard.

Keetha said...

I'm a TEACHER for goodness sakes, and HOMEWORK with, especially my youngest, was the PITS.

I will NEVER miss that - - -

Kathy said...

Okay, here is my .02: Have you tried "teamwork"? I have a friend who had the same issue w/ her two girls and they all got matching hats and were the "Homework Warriors" and they all sat at the table, after one snack, a drink of water, a bathroom trip, and got it done. Mom did her "homework" - graded papers, paid bills, etc and the girls did theirs. You could get those cool flame hats like HD had...??

As a teachers, we appreciate that you are making sure that it gets done.

Good times on Saturday! Thanks so much. B gets his HD (that's tv not your man :) this coming Saturday :) And you should share that Key Lime Pie recipe with the Internet - the world should know about it.

Kelly said...

We do homework as soon as they get home from school. One snack and the homework gets rollin. I find that after school they are already in the rhythm of doing the work. On the days when something "special" makes it impossible to do homework I find we get the tears and frustration if we do it later in the night. If the kids get invited to a play date right after school they either have to come home and get homework done first or they do it at the friends' house. I guess I'm kind of a homework Nazi, but it works for us. And, BTW, you'll be missing these moments, but maybe not that bad. I won't miss the arguing over taking a shower!!

Ramblin' Red said...

I can sooooo relate to this.

Now that I'm at home, yesterday was our first day of doing homework and snack as soon as they got home, rather than between daycare pickup and dinner. Needless to say, we didn't finish homework any earlier than before, despite starting much earlier.

My "How hard do I have to try" post should be about getting ready and making the bus in the morning. Gah!

Sam said...

Give him food and drinks at a desk with his homework in the bathroom. No distractions, there! :)

I mean, I hope you're not talking about HG. :D

Steph said...

Do you live in my house? Just checking...maybe a fly on the wall? No? Ok then...have you been listening in on our afternoon/evenings?

So, since you're not here and HG is gone...I'll add you a boyfriend, backstabbing friends who are part of your group grade that don't show up/step up to help, and hormones that don't quit.

Great post. You're not alone, and I will be right there with you wishing for it all to return.


Kids...can't live with them, can't live without them.

The Andrus' said...

Making it a competition of "who can get it done fast enough" between me and them, has worked for us.

Makes you wonder how larger families do it now-a-days! Schools give TOO much homework; I think sometimes they've forgotten that they are still kids!

Kelly said...

I've had two glasses of wine and had a HORRIBLE thought! What if we got a wild hair and decide to HOME SCHOOL...shudder and a GULP of wine and the thought is gone,,,, whew!

Headless Mom said...


The thought is bad enough, but did you actually have to type it?

*runs away screaming!!!*

kyooty said...

Oh good it's not just me :0