Tuesday, February 3, 2009

5 To Lose 5

Over the last 2 years I have lost and kept off 15 pounds. I know that it is not a huge weight loss, and I could probably stand to lose another 5, maybe 10. That said, there are some things that have really made the difference for me.

5 to be exact.

My top 5 tips to lose 5 pounds (or keep them off!):

  1. Stop drinking soda-even diet!- every day. I am a Coca~Cola freak. I love the stuff, especially out of the fountain with that little pellet ice. I don't drink it. Well, let me clarify: I now drink it only as an occasional treat. Really. Maybe one per month, in place of a dessert or other snack. I actually keep caffeine-free Coke around since I usually will indulge during a favorite tv show and the caffeine would keep me up.
  2. Add veggies! We routinely have salads for dinner at least once or twice a week. There are tons of varieties out there-just go look for your favorite flavor. We actually love taco salads around here-yes, the kids do too! Start with lots of dark greens mixed with iceberg, brown ground turkey add taco seasoning, chop your favorite veggies, (we add red or orange bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, jicama, celery, shredded carrots, cilantro, the works! or whatever we have on hand,) and mix up this dressing: Lite Sour cream and salsa. About 50/50, to taste. Crumble tortilla chips on top, if you wish. Yummmmmm.
  3. Cut down on your coffee habit. I know! I used to finish the pot (a 12 cupper) after Headless Dad would leave for work. I totally pollute my coffee-sugar and half and half. I looove my coffee. Stopping at 2 cups has saved me hundreds of calories a month. I still pollute it, but stop before I pollute my arteries and waist line, too.
  4. Eat breakfast. I know, everyone says it, but it is true. Find something that you like. For me, it's low-fat granola with vanilla yogurt and fruit, preferably berries. I don't love to eat early so I usually will eat after my walk, or at least after the kids leave for school. I really feel like crap if I don't eat breakfast now, could that be why you don't feel so good? Other ideas could be an egg sandwich, protein shake, bowl of cheerios with a banana. Just do it!
  5. No list like this would be complete without EXERCISE. Find something that you love and do it every day, or almost every day. For me it is walking. I live in an equestrian neighborhood, nestled next to National Forest land, so there are great trails all over. I love to walk and check out peoples' landscaping, house paint color, additions, and day dream about what to do to my own house. Of course we can't do it right now, but by the time I've added a bedroom and an office, painted the joint, put a deck on the back, and added a pool, I'm unlocking the door to my own house. The time flies even without an ipod. I also try to get in floor work-sit-ups and push-ups, but don't always. Other ideas could include bike riding, running, swimming-just move. Make it a part of your day. Start small if you have to. You'll be glad you did.
Well, those are my best tips. What are yours?

After you answer, you can head back to Shannon's for other WFMW tips!

Headless Mom


Totallyscrappy said...

Great tip! These are all so true. Now if I could just lose the diet pepsi habit...

kyooty said...

The walking! on the wlaking, I went out on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night, I hd taken a 3month break due to my wussfactor for the cold. I'm back baby, lastnight I went out alone, I went a short trip then I usually go with my neighbour but I went. Part of what makes it fun is that we are in a subdivision and it's still growing. we will often times go check out a floor plan before the place has walls, or siding or whatever. Yes we are those people that go snooping through premade houses. I've seen some VERY cool houses that are just walls and concrete floor, or a basement and plywood floors before the big insulation and stairs even go up. we've also managed ot go in a few after the walls, and siding are up, just looking for ideas. :)
It's also fun to see how the houses progress, somenight's in the spring and fall we're out for 1.5hours of walkign and nosing

Veggiemomof2 said...

Great tips! I wish I was a big soda drinker so I could drop pounds by quitting it! I gained pounds by quitting smoking.

Anonymous said...

Water. Drink lots of water.

It flushes your system and it also makes you feel less hungry.

It is also really good for your skin.

Mrs_Scotsman said...

In Jan I successfully added exercise into my life. The next challenge is to get my water up to the amount recommended.

Anonymous said...

yay thanks for this post! i just posted a few tips of my own today on blog along this line. and i've quit drinking soda and coffee too. great tips!!

Sarah said...

Great list! I'm a Diet Dr. Pepper junkie, which happened after I cut a lot of snacks & treats out of my diet.

Kim said...

Great tips - and congrats on the 15lb loss.

Now the editor in me has to say this *sorry*

You LOSE 5lbs so that your pants are LOOSE.

Ok sorry I had to or it would have driven me nuts all day :) Common mistake.

Anonymous said...

15 pounds! Impressive! I do everything on your list except that I can't quite seem to get my exercise in every day...almost though. Now, if the office manager would just stop filling the candy bowl, I think I would be in good shape!

kyooty said...

I had to come back, lastnights ww meeting was all about drinking your liquids! they said, Milk or juice will makeyou feel full but water is a drink that doesn't click your "full" button. She had a better word for it, but water is necessary for your body to work. It was a good meeting... and I was sitting there thinking of your blog while in the meeting.

Anonymous said...

Great tips! And I know how you feel about your coffee, though I just use a creamer but it has sugar and a few cals, ugh. I have been doing well walking and eating better!

Anonymous said...

I am not a Pop Drinker...and water is fine, as long as it is COLD! Pellet ice?

Tip: Pick up a bag of it at "Sonic" - make that YOUR TREAT! I absolutely LOVE that ice!!!

Coffee...for some reason I was drinking a cup with (ready?) TWO tablespoons of sugar and a tablespoon of creamer. I have over the last year manged to get my sugar down to ONE tablespoon of sugar, and the creamer of course. I hope to get it down again soon!

And my tea...a splash of milk, and two TEASPOONS of sugar.

Why is it that one takes more sugar than the other?

Great tips HM!!!