Sunday, February 8, 2009

Schedule-The Beginnings

Thank you all so much for your tips on getting my schedule together. I've been working on it and things are coming together. Somewhat.

Here's some of what I have to look forward to; things that are already scheduled:

Sunday: Football (for the next few weeks,) Church.
Monday: School, Track
Tuesday: School, Bowling, Baseball, Batting cages.
Wednesday: School, Scouts (on alternate weeks), Baseball, Track
Thursday: School, Football
Friday: School, Football
Saturday: Baseball

This is just the school and sports portion of the schedule. I am going to have to schedule in things like laundry. And cooking. No joke. Then comes writing, etc. I think I'm going to have to cut down on the "social media" time. Fur realz.

I will be taking someone's suggestion of grocery shopping on Wednesdays. (I tried to find who suggested this. I'll keep looking...) We get the ads on Tuesday, with sale prices beginning on Wed. and so that should help the budget as well. I did it last week and so far, so good. I actually think my grocery bill was less than $50!

So, for now I will leave you with 2 really good posts that relate to planning:

Amy in Ohio had a great post on Losing Weight in Cincinnati about setting goals for weight loss. Her tips are easily transferable to other areas!

Michelle of Scribbit wrote recently on setting goals. She has great suggestions-many that I'm trying to implement.

Go forth and read!

Headless Mom


Natalie said...

i'm tired just reading your schedule! track is getting ready to start here as well. should be interesting. our first school sponsored sport in the states. i'm sure it will look quite different from sports in turkey!

Soliloquy said...

How you're not curled up in a corner somewhere is a mystery to me.

That said, the discipline that our current crazy schedule is requiring actually feels great.

Proof that God exists, I suppose.

Greater is He Who is in us!

kyooty said...

I would like to put in a protest on the social Media cut backs! I just found you, you can't go and leave me hanging here... Do you have a direct "Complaints" office I can write to?
Track does sound fun though. We did 1 year of Cross Country Running with my oldest, my hardest part of the schedule was bus gets to my house 1250pm, TJ had to be at the field by 1pm! I took some hints from over at Carmen's blog and fed them in the car, lunches packed and ready to go. When the field was further from the house I picked 2 kids up at school! Very scary for a person that hates to feel rushed! Why must everything be so go go go.

Anonymous said...

Whew! Slow down there Headless! I'm out of breath just getting through your schedule! I hope your not going to take too big a break from the social media thing...that would be sad :(

I can't wait to read your links regarding organization. I could probably use a little more of that myself. :)

Steph said...

Yea, I say cut down on something other than socila bout cuttin down on laundry or cookin instead?

:) Just kidding...I understand.

I too am tired reading your schedule. I would start drinking first thing in the morning if that were my schedule. WOW!

You are doing a great job, and headless too boot...well no wonder!

Sam said...

We just started taking out a set amount for groceries and "miscellaneous". We took out $100/wk for food and then $100 for the whole month for "misc" - basically non food items.

It's our first month, and going somewhat rough because we were paid on Jan. 30th and blew through the food budget that night! But now we're on the 2nd week and have dealt with that "pain" and are being more mindful of how much we have and are spending.

This doesn't have much to do with schedule, I guess, but it seems to be working for us in that it's forcing us to be more mindful of what meals we're having when and how much money we need to have to buy ingredients throughout the week.

And I'm still hoping that I hit the Powerball twice each week. ;)