Monday, March 30, 2009

Click for Clutter-3-The Pokemon Edition

A few days ago I saw this tweet from @AllTheJonesMen:

Son #1 is crushed. He left his Pokeman cards N his pants pocket & they got washed. AND DRIED. Safe 2 say they R ruined. *cue the tears*
I thought to myself, "Hey! I've got a bazillion of those cards! And my boys aren't interested anymore....Hey! Cluttercast! Whoot!"

I dm'd her to ask for the list of what was ruined and her address so I could send them off. Although I didn't find all of the ones that had been washed, I found 26 of 38, and I'm adding a few to make an even 40. (What? Didn't you know that 40 is a full, regulation deck? Come on now!)

The cool thing is that I'm also enclosing a couple of very powerful cards...look real close...they are Breloom, weighing in at 100 hp, and Empoleon at a whopping 130 hp. (For those of you that don't know, that's a lot of hp. Don't let me fool you though, that is my full Pokemon knowledge, right there.)(Impressive, I know.)

Here is the book of the rest of the cards that I have. Do your kids like Pokemon? Are they begging to go to Target so they can buy more? Here's your answer! Let me know in the comments and I will send as many of you cards as I can, starting from the first on the list. If there is one specific card that you are looking for, let me know and I will see if we have it, or I can put together a set of 40 like I did for SJ's son. (If I get a lot of responses, like, more than I have cards for, we may have to rethink this, or the sets will have to be smaller. We'll see!)

Oh, by the way, go check out SJ's blog-I'll be watching for the look of surprise on her son's face when he finds these in the mail!

I'll keep this open for the remainder of the week, so please pass it on to the moms and dads that you know whose kids are dying for these things. Seriously. I need to get rid of them!

Headless Mom


SJ said...

Oh you are fantastic! And really, I so appreciate you doing this for me (for him!). I didn't tell him the deal so he's going to be shocked I'm sure. I'll make sure I share the experience as it takes place. Thanks again - you're a hero!

And gosh, that's A LOT of Pokeman cards!

Anonymous said...

I feel like I'm reading Greek ;)

The best part of having Pokeman.....lots of Polly Pockets though!

Darryle said...

I feel like I'm reading Greek too.
But I don't need to understand Pokeman to understand how giving you are. This is a great cluttercast.

Steph said...

Pokemon huh? Yup - greek to me too! I love that you were able to help!!!!!! :)

kyooty said...

OK maybe I'm sounding a bit greedy but my 7.5yrold wants to be all pokeyman but I have no clue what it's about. could I have a set? apparently all the kids at school have these? if because I'm in Canada that doesn't work,no worries.

Headless Mom said...

Kyooty-I'll send you a full set, energy cards, AND an instruction booklet! Make sure to send me your mailing address to headlessfamily5 at gmail dot com. (If you include his mane I'll address them directly to him, just like I did with SJ's son.)

Domestic Extraordinaire said...

This is totally awesome.

thankfully my girls missed the Pokemon craze.

kyooty said...

Thank you!!! emailing now with information :)

musing said...

My kids were never into Pokeman, but If I'd accidentally washed their Yugioh cards they would've disowned me!