Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dirty Dozen-Part 3

OK, it is finally the end of this madness. I had to turn off twitter earlier because many of you were tweeting about Idol and I wanted to watch for myself. In general, I don't love this new system because it's really awkward to eliminate 9 people each week. I'm sure it must be easier for the contestants to be going home with so many others, but it is agony for the rest of us. I really hope that some of my other faves will make it through on the wild card to make this interesting because so far Danny Gokey is the clear front runner, with Alexis Grace a close second.


On to the contestants for tonight:
Von- (I was putting the kids to bed so I have to rely on HD for this one...) HD says pretty good and the judges agreed. (Now that I watched the clip, uh, no.)
Taylor- Ouch, her nerves seem to be getting the best of her and her low notes are not great. I guess it's ok, but I'm not loving it. The judges seem to agree, they are saying it isn't memorable or interesting.
Alex- I'm undecided about him. First, don't mess with Elton, especially like this. Second, I really like his personality. He seems like a fun kid.
Arianna- Eew, she really sounds bad after that build up. I'm not the only one.
Ju'Not- Wow. Here's the dark horse of the night! I really love him doing 'Delilah'! My first vote getter of the night.
Kristen- Um, good but I don't love her. I think I might like her though if she had more of an identity-just like the judges said.
Nathaniel- (Just so you know, this guy was second only to Tatiana on my annoying meter. I'm prepared to really not like him. Just so you know.) Eew. This song should be edgier than this. It sounds like Broadway instead. Not for me.
Felicia- Second Alycia Keys song of the night-this one is MUCH better. As a matter of fact, this is the best performance of the night. Very glad she's back! Second vote of the night.
Scott- He is so neat! We know exactly who he is as an artist. Love this. Third vote of the night.
Kendall- She is really pretty. OK, I said it. Unfortunately this isn't very exciting or memorable.
Jorge- He's pretty good, and he didn't mess with EJ. (Good move, IMO) Great vocal! We all seem to agree! Uh oh, another vote from us
Lil- She's really great. Really. OK, the best of the night, Felicia is second. I'm still voting for both.

I'm so sorry to say this, but I now have to go vote for 6 people. That is just wrong...but I'm really glad that the show was good tonight. Pleasantly surprised even! Yikes. I can't even decide on my top 3! Maybe HD and I will have to duke it out...

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Worshipfan said...

I'm with you on your observations!

Thanks for stopping by my little ole' blawg :)

I enjoyed looking around your site...and LOVE the pedicure fund in the sidebar. Seriously....pedicures ROCK.

Keetha said...

Go look, go look, you are highlighted in my latest blog post!!!

Of all the "gifts" you sent to my house today, your little thoughtful note means the MOSTEST to me!!!!

Sam said...

I was really surprised that more from week 3 didn't make it to the wildcard round.