Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wild Card

Ok, late again. I hate that AI comes on at 8-that is my kids' bedtime and by the time I get back down here I've missed a singer or two-as witnessed by the blank spots below. Grrr.

Megan- I like Megan, dig her sound, and even like the weird dance thing that she does. She could go on. I would vote for her.
Von- Nope. Not gonna make it.
Jasmine- Randy is hitting the nail on the head. I like her but I'm not sure she's ready for the top 12.
Ricky- As good as it was but I don't think he should go through on that performance. Simon seems to agree.
Tatiana- You're kidding me. Moving on... Oh, and like last time, if I catch any of you voting (if we were voting, mind you,) for her I'm going to show up and break your fingers.
Anoop- Not his best vocal but he is Mr. Personality. I'm thinking he would to get my vote.

I wasn't clear on the format, but glad that the judges are choosing. Going into the top 12 is: Jasmine, Megan, and Matt. Psych! AND ANOOP! YIPPEE! I'll go for a top 13 in this situation.

Who should have gone through? Any changes you would have made?

Headless Mom


Anonymous said...

I've been missing AI this week :( too much going on. The Daughter was singing her own little heart out last night and IMHO she is the ONLY American Idol :) Thanks for keeping me up to date!

Kelly said...

So Tatiana gets through, she is a total freak, although she has a good voice. Too bad she doesn't realize it is her crummy, pouty, manipulative personality that is going to be her downfall. Why are the judges sucking up to her? Because they are afraid she might show up with a gun THAT'S WHY!

I am so excited for Anoop, I love that the sound that comes out of his mouth completely catches me off guard every time. He does need help with the wardrobe though.

I'm not with you on the little dance, it kind of bugs me, Megan is cute though and I liked her song. I feel awkward and a little embarrassed for her when she does it.

Was Matt the one with the scarf? lose the scarf I tell ya!

Sam said...

I think Ju'Not should be there, at least.

Lil or whatever her name is is going to wipe the floor with everyone, or should. It was funny, as they were talking I said "She sounds like she's from Memphis" (I hadn't been paying attention) and I had Jill rewind and sure enough, Memphis girl! Jill and I agreed that when she talked she reminded us of Auntie Gwen. :)

Oh, and Tatiana's accent out of nowhere...she saw Jorge get some sympathy with it and decided to make a play on that. SO annoying. I'm so glad they didn't pick her.

Scribbit said...

I like Anoop's "My Perogative"--but then I'm a sucker for a good 80s song :)