Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Long Love Affair Comes To An End

I have a busy day ahead. Volunteering at the school, Costco, getting the kids from the school, homework, and 5 hours of baseball.

Oh yeah. And there's the 3 hours of TV that I'll be watching tonight. (Don't laugh.)

The ER finale is tonight.

I cannot tell you how upset I am over this. I am just beside myself. I think Headless Dad is secretly happy that my Thursday love affair will be over.

I have spent the last 15 years of my life with these people. (Longer than with my husband, but who's counting, right?) The fact that they will be gone, except in reruns on some cable network makes my heart hurt.

When I was still single I fell in love with Dr. Greene. He was the perfect mix of tough, tender, and sexy. Funny; many say that my husband resembles him. Coincidence?

I watched the 2 hour pilot in my apartment in Columbia, South Carolina, while reading a Michael Crichton novel during the commercials. (He was one of the creators and executive producers.) (I wrote about that here.)

So, the DVR is set. I will leave the baseball field to come home and get #2 in bed and asleep. When 9:00 rolls around I will close the computer, (no twittering this one,) grab my box of kleenex, and sink into the couch with my glass of wine.

And say good bye to my old friends.

Headless Mom


Steph said...

My sincere sympathies HM. I too had tears last night...we all watched Marley and Me.

I hope that you are able to recover smoothly and your hurting heart is mended quickly.

:) Love ya honey!

meandmom said...

I will be sipping from my Seattle couch feeling the same way! I hope that the whole cast is featured in some way tonight.

Keetha said...

Then I suppose you will cringe to your toes when you hear that I just DELETED it from the recording schedule on our DVR because since it is so long, it was going to tape instead of something we REALLY wanted. hehehehehehehehe

Oh, I kid you not about deleting the scheduled recording. Being an ER PA, hubby HATES the show and I never got into it either.

Headless Mom said...

It was better than I could have guessed.

I was in tears seeing all of the old cast members in the opening credits, and sobbing by the final credits.

Hey meandmom- wasn't the inclusion of Rachel the PERFECT ending?

Off to cry a little more...

Auds at Barking Mad said...

I caught the last 15 minutes of it and wish I had actually switched over from the temper tantrum I was throwing whilst watching Fox would have saved me a near stroke. But alas, I'll just have to get the DVD's when they come out.

Still seems like the end of an era, No?

Keetha said...

Oh honey I can do BETTER than trying to find them down there!!!

Flip and Flop to your heart's content right from your home:

Careful now, there are LOTS of choices!!!!

Elizabeth said...

I was SO impressed with the actress who played Rachel. She should get a spin-off!

It was disappointing that Clooney wasn't there for the big scene at the Carter center. He must have been totally unavailable that day of shooting, cuz he did those previous episodes.

Those closing credits, with the camera pulling all the way back, I think that's the first time they've showed the whole front of the hospital like that. I know all good things must come to an end, but I think they could have brought in a fresh crop of young actors (like the ones sitting around telling Rachel doctor stories) and kept it going!