Monday, April 13, 2009

Pokemon Cards Find a New Home *Updated!

These cards are going to Canada:

Kyooty, I hope your son enjoys them! My HB#1 took a lot of time to pick to send- so cute! And I love that my kids are getting into the Cluttercasting spirit.

SJ's son already got his package of Pokemon cards. Go check out his reaction in pictures. So dang adorable I can't stand it! Thanks, SJ, for the pics and the kind words.

Headless Mom


Steph said...

How sweet! I guess it's time for me to look around and see if there is anything I can do like that with the clutter I keep.

SJ said...

I see you made it over to my blog to check out my post and my son's reaction. I was going to send you a message to let you know it was up, and then I promptly forgot.

Anyway - thanks again for doing this for him (for me!). You are a true gem!

Rocks In The Wash said...

What a great lesson and act of kindness!