Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol-Top 3

Adam, Kris, and Danny with 2 songs each tonight. Whoot!

Danny- Dance Little Sister-I somehow don't know this song, but it sounds good vocally. I'm not sure if the lack of recognition will hurt him though. There just isn't a whole lot of excitement on our couch.

Kris-Apologize-Hmmm, don't know this one either. I'm waaay out of touch. He sounds great, like the piano, but not the song I would have chosen for him at.all. Same as with Danny-good but no excitement. (Thank you Simon. Give him a song but criticize him for not changing it? Sheesh.)(I wonder if the no excitement thing will carry over to Adam, if they will give him a no excitement song too? Oh, that's right. He is the golden boy so it's probably a given that he will get a great song. Gah!)

Adam- One- (By U2. Oh, no song recognition there. Cough.) Sorry, but I hate this. I hate his screaming, his facial expressions, THE TONGUE. Gross. I really didn't like this at all.

*I'm pissed. 2 unknown songs and then this? A major song by a group known all around the world? Really unfair.

Danny- You Are So Beautiful- Wow. I don't know what to say. There are some really great parts to this, but there were some bad notes in the beginning. I like it now that the tempo has picked up some. Headless Dad digs it-a lot!

Kris- Heartless- Perfect that he is back with his guitar. This is what he does best, and he did a great job tonight. I really think that he rocked it! (And he has the sweetest smile ever. You can't tell me I'm wrong.)

Adam- (Of course he's going last, right?) Crying- Nope. Still not doing it for me. (Could have something to do with the fact that I don't love Aerosmith, too, but not much.) He ends his songs like he's on broadway. Oh yeah, he does stage work. Ha. I really didn't like the arrangement, either. (I'll give Adam props for his humble-ness with Ryan at the end, though. That was really nice.)

All right. I bet you know who we are voting for in the Headless House, no? Exercise your rights and GO VOTE!

Then head on over to Sophie's place and read more recaps! (Uh oh. I think she may be taking a break this week. I'll link it later if she posts.)

Headless Mom


Juliet said...

Don't you feel like Adam sings every song the same way? Like, he starts off quiet, then starts screaming, then hello Tongue, then more screaming. And I used to really LIKE him! But now I'm just tired of it. Kris totally won me over last night and I just feel like the judges have predetermined the winner and it is so unfair!

skyesofblue said...

They are all good. Adam is just different and I hate the tongue too! I would really like to see Danny and Kris in the end but I believe they will all have great futures in music. I didn't know the songs either.

Anonymous said...

I agree....I LOVE Adam...but a little more diversity with his singing would be a good idea. I do believe he has very real talent though. I think my fave is becoming Kris. It will be a very interesting show tonight!