Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Teen Movie Perfection

Sam The Butcher sent me this article over the weekend and I absolutely loved it. It is an interview with John Hughes, by Roger Ebert, back in 1984. The true heyday of the teen movie. Many of you are around my age and have huge memories of John Hughes films. Who among us can't recite every word of at least 2 of his films? OK, 3. Or more.

I think that this quote from the article is great:

"Look at what this movie doesn’t have," said Ally Sheedy. "No high school dance. No chase scene. No naked shower scene. No beer blast. No rumble. It’s about kids who are learning about themselves. It’s like doing a play. It’s an actor’s dream. And it’s an ambitious picture. With a lot of teenage movies, you get the feeling the filmmakers are remembering their own youth. This movie is about right now."

And you know what? It still resonates. The Breakfast Club is still one of my all-time favorite movies. I could watch it over and over, (and have. Ahem.)

So, tell me. What is your favorite quote from a John Hughes film? Or, if you can't narrow it down to just one, how about your top 3?

And, goodnight, Mr. Hughes. Your films will live on in us, a generation that came of age alongside your characters and found out that we all have flaws and insecurities, and can be understood anyway.

Headless Mom


Anonymous said...

What a great movie that was! Sadly, I'm awful at remembering quotes from movies.

BTW, stay at the Hot Springs Lodge -- not the Hotel Colorado -- if you go to Glenwood.

AmazingGreis said...

I was only 6ish when Breakfast Club came out, but I have seen it plenty of times. I love most all John Hughes movies. They are definite classics. I mean, how can you go wrong with the likes of Ferris Bueller, Sixteen Candles and Vacation?

My memory is way too bad to remember quotes. Unless it's Dirty Dancing, and John Hughes didn't have any part in that movie. LOL

kyooty said...

I like so many of his movies. My hubbie's favorite was BF club. We were just talking about this. He said the whole movie took place in 1 school, nothing was shot off site or in a different location just that school library!

The Glamorous Life Assoc. said...

"Does Barry Manilow know you stole his wardrobe?"

I STILL find a way to use this line quite regularily. I am pathetic like that.

AND. I can do the lipstick trick of Claires. And I took sushi to school for a year. I am getting more pathetic the more I reveal huh?

Say goodnight gracie.
Good Night

Anna See said...

Breakfast Club was my all-time favorite.

Of course I adored it in 16 Candles when Molly Ringwald looks behind her in a "who me?" kind of way and Jake Ryan nods, "Yeah, you."


Just Breathe said...

Love John Hughes films. They often take place in Chicago. I'm not very good at remembering quotes.
Breakfast Club has always been one of my favorites. Okay I have one,
"Hey batta batta batta hey batta batta batta SWING batta!" Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off !