Friday, September 4, 2009

Fitness Friday #5 and Other Updates

Uh, FITNESS FAIL this week.

Between the heat (over 100 all week except at about midnight,) and the awful smoke from the Station Fire (not to mention the ash all over everything,) I have done NADA this week as far as exercise goes. We have been eating great, but I'll have to get back on the wagon soon. Hopefully I will over the weekend but most likely will start again on Tuesday.

The good news is I've not gained (or lost.) So that's a wash, I suppose.

I need some inspiration! What have you been doing lately for exercise?


Do you have fresh tomatoes in your garden? Next week I'm going to post the best recipe for tomato sauce evah. Our garden is bursting with tomatoes right now and I needed to use them, and this is the perfect use-and I can even freeze it to use for later. Granted I've never made fresh sauce before, but it was awesomely yummy. Each member of my family loved it, so watch for it!


File Under Irony: Know how I've talked about Headless Dad's disdain for all things technology? Guess who came home with a Blackberry 2 days ago, and has already sent me an email from it? I've been looking at getting a smart phone, so at least I get to try before I buy, right?

You have to go read Steph's posts about our weekend. (One and Two.) Hysterical.


Please, please, please, (if you haven't already,) go over to help our friends move. We are committed to helping them but your help would help us, too. It takes a village, right?

Headless Mom


Steph said...

Oh that is NOT cool. Seriously HD got a Blackberry and he's still leaving you with that THING you call a phone????

What can I do for you honey? Do you need me to talk to him...tell him that it is so VERY important that you get in the game? :)

Wow...I would have NEVER guessed by what you told us...I'm still shakin my head! LOL

Love ya!

PS...are you still short for your friends? please let me know!

kyooty said...

my garden was a bustm no cuccumbers :(

Table4Five said...

It might sound strange but I lost three pounds just by actually MOVING. I'm such a serious couch potato, but I've been making an effort to get up and walk around, and I've been drinking water instead of just coffee and Diet Coke. If I can lose even one pound a week I'll be thrilled!