Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just Curious-the Halloween Edition

Thanks for all of your suggestions on last week's question. I've been using a Rimmel foundation that fits my criteria but it irritates my eyes. I'll let you know when I find a new one that I like.


Now, on to today's question.
What was your best costume for Halloween? Describe it for us. Why was it your favorite? Do you use it every year or do you come up with something new?

I need some serious inspiration here.

Headless Mom


becca said...

As a kid my favorite costume was my giraffe costume. My mom took a long big cardboard tube for the neck that she cut a hole in for my face (at the bottom of the tube) and she put the giraffe head at the top of the tube. I then just wore a yellow and brown tunic for the body.

As an adult, when I was pregnant both times, I was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and I wore a sign that said, "It was the Tinman". Got lots of laughs but I guess it won't work for you!

I'm not dressing up this year but if I did, I'd put a big picture of a brain on my butt and either be "smart ass" or "smarty pants". Simple and clever!

AmazingGreis said...

My favorite was from my youth. When I was about 4 or 5 I was Jeanie from I Dream of Jeanie. My Grandmother made the costume and it totally rocked. If I can find a picture I may have to post it. :)

Just Breathe said...

I can't remember a costume that I really liked and as an adult I don't do Halloween. I have never liked getting dressed in a costume.
We never attend Halloween parties and if I had to go to one I would go as me!

Rocks In The Wash said...

I went to work as a (homemade) Sumu Wrestler; diaper and all! When the V.P. came in I was bent over filing. It was the hit costume for the day!

I also have a cow outfit with utters that is pretty funny.