Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Love Google

I love that I can find out how some people get to my blog. It makes me laugh. It makes me scratch my head. But most of all it brings me a few more pennies! Feast on these search terms form the last 6 months or so:

  • there won’t ever be an us again-girl (Um, ok?)
  • what to do for 5 minutes (Let me know when you decide!)
  • missions sunday
  • headless may pokemon (Sounds like a problem.)
  • adventures of a headless girl
  • jailbait cleavage (I knew this post would be picked up for this.)
  • family dirty part 3 (arabic---?????) (Scares me a little.)
  • how many days until school starts? (Check your calendar! I can only keep up with my own!)
  • i won’t EVER admit (Uh, 16 pages deep? Who goes that far when searching for something?)
  • lazy dog cafe calories (They pack on faster when you're lazy. Just sayin'.)
  • family tattoos (My post with the most page views ever.)
  • vbs
  • it’s all about me bedding (Is it pirate day again? Aargh!)
  • things to do in five min ( Go here if you really want my advice.)
  • i’m a mom in need of adventure (Me, too. It's found in following my kids around!)
  • anne glamour (I miss my pal!!)
  • Brownie Leader (Don't remind me...)
  • thoughts on commitment (Do you want mine or would you like to give me yours?)
  • BlogHer 09 (and it’s alternate,) Are you going to BlogHer’09? (Yes, thanks, and it was great!)
  • Bonnie Hunt’s mom (Hi! *waves* Is that really you?)
  • the headless baby (My babies have heads. It's a metaphor, you freak.)
  • silver gleam solder (Really? I'm not a craft blog, am I?)
  • may headless pokemon (Something tells me I don't know as much about Pokemon as I thought I did.)
  • ruby bowdoin (Double Huh?)
So, what's the craziest search term that was used by someone to find you?
Headless Mom


becca said...

too funny... I'll have to check mine out. Last I checked they were pretty random, like, "anatomically correct male dolls". Not sure what I wrote to bring that one to me!

Keetha Broyles said...

Those are really fun searches. I had a bunch of fun ones a long time ago, but I must be boring now, I'm not finding anything so fun these days.

Table4Five said...

Were you friends with 'Anne' too? She was one of my roommates at BlogHer '08! I miss her too :)

Just Breathe said...

I haven't got a clue, how did you find this out? You know me, I don't know too much about this stuff. Learning as I go.