Sunday, January 31, 2010

About Me Survey

I'm trying to spruce things up around here. Slowly but surely it will get done.

Here's where you come in and why I'm even posting this:

I have created a survey concerning "About Me" pages. Please, please, please! go take my survey and help me out! It's only 5 questions long and will only take a minute or so...unless you want it to take longer. You know, by actually writing my "About Me" page for me.
 Click here to take the survey.

Headless Mom


Bobbie said...

I tried to take the survey, but got an error page...

Headless Mom said...

@Bobbie-it should be fixed now. And? You're fast! Thanks for trying to help.

Just Breathe said...

I didn't answer the last two. I do like when I go to someones blog and they give a good amount of information but in a short manner.
This probably doesn't help you but I like to know the important facts of their life.