Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Husband Went to Arizona....

  • ...and all he brought home was this BOX of Moon Pies.
  • In related news, I have not lost the 4 pounds that I gained over the holidays.
  • A girl in my son's 4th grade class had the cutest outfit on the other day. Black capri-length leggings, scrunch boots, A PRINTED TUTU, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, a black sweatshirt, and hair in braids. I could have eaten her with a spoon, she was so sweet. (OK, do I need to say that cute outfit does not equal want?)
  • Headless Dad will be having that shoulder surgery after all. Yea! (Not.)
  • Where does one procure cute, waterproof, warm, winter shoes at the end of winter? 
  • OH! Also while in my son's class I watched a boy keep his hand down the front of his pants for at least 5 minutes. In class. Although, he was sitting next to the cutie in the tutu. Maybe that explains it?
  • We haven't decided on the paint yet. Well, kinda. We're sticking with the dark teal trim as an accent and a lighter version of what we had on the stucco. Next up? What color for the rest of the trim? Luckily we can slap some up and look at it for half a day or so before we decide. The beauty of being friends with your painter!
  • Baseball tryouts are on Saturday. Spring is near. Amen.
  • Moon Pies? Really?

Headless Mom


Soliloquy said...

Bullet points! Brilliant.

I put SO MUCH PRESSURE on myself to post completed, well thought out soliloquies.

I make it too hard on myself sometimes.

Also? Never had a moon pie in my life.

Just Breathe said...

Does he like moon pies?
Hands in his pants ~ boys!!!
Sorry about the surgery :(
Baseball = busy mom!

Anonymous said...

To me, moon pies = disgusting because of the "raw" marshmallow thing. I love me some ooey gooey mallows, i.e. smores, krispy treats, etc., but I abhor marshmallows with that spongy texture!

As for the weight - give it a little bit - two months of holidays (Halloween to Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving to Christmas) does not equal the month of January!

And for the little boy with the hands in pants, bahahah at your inference! You crack me up!

AmazingGreis said...

Moon pies? LOL, are Moon Pies famous in Arizona?