Tuesday, April 20, 2010

American Idol- Top 7

See how we just skipped over the week 8 thing? I think that the voters got it right with Andrew and Katie. Someone's gotta go home, right?

So. On to the Inspirational Songs with Alycia Keys. I'm not a big fan of hers but I will be interested to hear what she has to say about the song choices and their interpretations. (Headless Dad likes her. We seem to be in disagreement over so much this season.)

Casey- Don't Stop- Bluesy, nice twist, but there isn't much you can do with this song. Not great, but I love him, he should be safe. Not very flattering comments from the judges. Ouch.

Lee-(Oops. Missed the song title.)   -I'm not feeling this one. Not Lee's greatest performance or vocal. He is good and I don't think he should go. Hmmmm, the judges don't seem to agree with me. Oh well!

Tim-(Missed it again. Sorry.)  -Oh my. He's such a sweet boy, but this song is boring. He may be the one to go this week.

Aaron-I Believe I Can Fly- Aaron's best of the season, and best of the night so far. Really great. It even got Headless Dad's approval.

Siobhan-There Can Be Miracles- Um, what's up with the butterflies wired to her arm? I didn't dig it. I'm really off the Siobhan bandwagon now. (Was I ever on it to begin with?) Randy and Simon had it right. (Ok, can I just say that just because you love a song and think it 'applies' to what you're going through right now does not mean you should sing it on this show. Ahem.)

Michael-Hero- It was good, and a little different from his usual, but it's just 'okay' for me. He'll be safe, I'm sure.

After all of that I have to say that I was not inspired in the slightest by any of these performances tonight. I'm guessing that it's partially because of the shortened song format. Don't like that at all.

Crystal-People Get Ready- Ok, she brought the inspiration. She looks spectacular tonight, cool mic stand, all around perfect.

Best: Aaron and Crystal

Bottom: Siobhan and Tim

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Thanks for the support while Headless Dad has been sick! I'll post a full update later in the week, and oy! what a week it's been.

Headless Mom


Just Breathe said...

So my little Tim went home. I will miss his smile.(never expected him to win) I thought Aaron did great also. About time we hear that voice of his. Siobhan and Michael can go home, that would make me happy.

Katherine said...

You know, American Idol is something I never started watching, and I'm not sure why. It looks really interesting... it might be that it came on a night when we had scouts or a sports practice. I'll have to give it a try - especially since LOST will be off the air soon!

Joyce said...

Who is voting for Siobhan??? I don't know anyone who likes her performances yet she doesn't even make the bottom three.